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[Ketchup-Movie] Ketchup_Movie: Okja
Dr. Johnny: You know, you are forcing me...Mirando: I am forcing you do what?Dr. Johnny: To examine my options.Mirando: Oh, really? Okay. Go
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 기자   2017-09-12
[Information] Winter Session Courses
Winter Session Courses are open for registration. The session is a four week period over winter vacation and provides good opportunities for
이소이 기자   2017-09-12
[Information] General Student Council Elections
General Student Council Elections will take place on November 21. The Central Election Management Committee confirmed the candidates for the
이소이 기자   2017-08-31
[Interest] University of Warsaw Festival: Enjoying a Club Party
I came back to Chonnam National University (CNU) after finishing my exchange student life at the University of Warsaw (UW) last semester. I
안동권, 경영학부 4학년   2017-08-31
[Information] 2017 Fall Student Club Fair
Student Club Fair will be held on September 18 to 19 around Bongji. This event, operated by the General Student Club Association, is a good
이소이 기자   2017-08-31
[Information] CNU Media Reporters Recruitment
CNU Press and Broadcasting Center recruits new members of three campus media: The Chondae Shinmun, Chonnam Tribune, CNU Broadcasting. They a
이소이 기자   2017-08-31
[Information] International Summer Session 2017
The International Summer Session 2017 (ISS) offers a variety of cources in English from June 27 to July 22. It is a four-week program where
백민주 기자   2017-05-30
[Information] 2017 CNU College and Career Fair
Chonnam National University (CNU) is going to hold the 2017 College and Career Fair from June 2 to 3, 2017. It is a program for high school
이은지 수습기자   2017-05-30
[Information] Student Culture Forum
A cultural forum for students will take place at Student Union #1 building at 3pm on June 5. Chonnam national University (CNU) arranged the
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 수습기자   2017-05-30
[Ketchup-Movie] Beauty and the Beast
Beast: That hurts!Belle: If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much.Beast: Well… If you hadn't run away, this wouldn't have happen
이경륜 기자   2017-05-12
[Ketchup-Movie] Ketchup-Movie " Moana"
Moana: Ocean! Do something. Help us.Maui: The ocean does not help you. You help yourself. You cannot sail?Moana: I am soft touch*.- From Moa
김유나 기자   2017-03-07
[Ketchup-Movie] Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Emma: I’ll hold him up as long as I can Jake: Get the others! I’ll meet you at the loop entrance. (Emma starts using super wind to freeze Ba
Nguyen Huong 기자   2016-11-17
[Ketchup-Movie] Sweet Talking
Gang A: I wanted to come by and personally say thank you. You are making me good money, I’m making you good money.Joker: Are you sweet talki
나민아 기자   2016-09-12
[Information] International Partner University: USA & UM
The University of South CarolinaNext semester, CNU will dispatch its first exchange student to the University of South Carolina (USC) in the
최수인 기자 / 김소희 기자   2016-05-23
[Information] Starts-ups Portal Site Opens
Portal Site for Starts-ups has recently opened for people who are interested in start-ups. According to the CNU Entrepreneurship Education C
김소희 기자   2016-05-23
[Information] CNU International Summer Session
The International Summer Session (ISS) offers courses during the upcoming summer vacation from June 25 to July 20, 2016. It a four-week prog
최수인 기자   2016-05-23
[Information] The May 18 Memorial Cultural Events
The May 18 Memorial Cultural Events have been held from May 12 to 20 at different places on Yongbong Campus. The General Student Council org
최수인 기자   2016-05-16
[Ketchup-Movie] Zootopia
Nick: Well, it's my word against yours.*[Judy plays recorded evidence] "... 200 bucks a day, Fluff. 365 days a year since I was 12."Judy: Ac
나민아 기자   2016-05-16
[Information] STC Prevention & Free Condom Campaign
One thousand of free condoms have been distributed on Yongbong Campus since May 16. The Chonnam Tribune has launched an educational campaign
유혜미 기자   2016-05-13
[Information] University of Zagreb, Croatia
[International Partner University: University of Zagreb, Croatia] Chonnam National University (CNU) is very active in developing academic ex
최수인 기자   2016-04-01
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