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Don't Look Up
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The Chonnam Tribune has published this page in collaboration with the members of English clubs at Chonnam National University from this issue. The first club is English Speaking Union founded in 1963, and its club room is located on the third floor of Student Union 1 building. – Ed.

By English Speaking Union Members

▲ Part of the poster of "Don't Look Up"

Randall Mindy: We’re gonna get the news out there, one way or another*.

From Don’t Look Up

* One way or another. It refers to a situation when a decision has to be made. Two or more options could have been mentioned prior to the sentence, often from both extremes, without stating which one is preferred above the other.

Don’t Look Up is a black comedy film where a group of scientists in the U.S. discover a comet which is on a collision course with the Earth and will result in the end of the world. They try to make the people aware and convince the government to come up with a solution. But, the government has its own agenda to use the meteor as a corporate margin resource. The film heavily satirizes the government, media, and influencers, which are indifferent to climate change. It also shows us how the truth is very hard to be ‘looked up’ due to many groups all acting for their own benefit.


Movie Review

Lim Chae-seung: The film satirically shows the relationship between the government and academia, and also the relationship between corporations and the government. Ultimately, I think it is a film that shows the people's thoughts and behaviors on an apocalypse. ★★★☆☆

Oh Ye-seo: This film shows various perspectives on an event. Regarding the fact that a comet is approaching, some view it as a logic of capital, another as a means of power, and others as a matter of life. It was an interesting movie in that it shows the process of choice of people having various perspectives. ★★★★☆

Kim Seong-eun: Chasing only stimuli, believing what the media says, not trying to find the truth, and distorting the truth for one's own benefit. All of these are so realistic that even if it happens now, it is not strange at all. That is why this movie can be so uncomfortable for everyone. ★★★★☆

Oh Dae-seung: A black comedy movie that made me laugh out loud. The human race on Earth being wiped out due to misinformation just might somehow happen to us. In that case, we will not just laugh about it. ★★★★★

Ryu Si-won: This movie satirizes what happens to people who neglect the situations they are facing. They accept serious situations as a kind of play, which come back like a boomerang. We have to learn lessons from these kinds of movies as well as enjoy them. ★★★★☆

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