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Working Holiday in Australia[독자투고]호주 워킹홀리데이
한두섭 식품공학과 08학번  |  gksentjq100@naver.com
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승인 2014.08.21  11:03:14
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[Reader's Contribution]

Written by the same force which a brother like this article. Post writing is also not for anyone, not even to write an article for what. Just looking back at the life of a working holiday in Australia for 18 months, I think my writing is in the right plane to return to Korea after all life so that you can chew all my life to see product Visualize the best memories of the good times this article was dictated by. January 31, 2012, was exactly arrived with my brother and cousin brother Sean in Australia is full of strange and exciting mind. I also present in foreign experience, I did not have a clear interest goals without knowing what kind of place it was also Australia, nor could not, because my cousin came along type only, without any preparation. Soon began my trials.
     The first trial was just money! Money! Money! It was. Never affected my life because of money, but of course did not mean yeoseo always lived in abundance in South Korea with his family. But different in Australia. If you still think of me as just tears. May cause fire about 5,000(In Korea, about 500 won worth - handuseop criteria) Korea to remember because this is money that had not participated in school party ... cannot ever forget. Drinks and sweets were a luxury, and had resolved to sell the remaining sushi rice in Korean spaced's also married. So spent three months. Still never eat sushi, so remember that. Exaggeration to say that I do not know whether the others are so suspicious, I was really living. Even went as far as the bus takes 2 hours round trip to work 15 hours a week. But his wife said the evening gave always get your dressing delicious and gave the rest of the day when this thing is good sushi.

     So that was where the food is as unpleasant to work and there is not a difference to me, Bob. Now that I was really sorry. Of course, this could have a life outside of me as if through a call to my parents (I should not say like that) I am enough. Own decision, but one came and extent. I thought the house would never give me hands no matter what happens, no matter what the job, no matter what the trouble here in Australia about this whole thing to me is that you can give valuable experience in the power and the future would be based on the Because as it! I did not use one person doing all the way others Bulhyoja chance (writing under the allowance chance to call your parents) are.
     Be seen by others are not great views, but still one of my proud achievements or to the personal. Because the fear of the importance of money and the money of the parents felt it again. So no money cannot overcome the hard times that of rice eaten properly, the first time the table is born without worrying about money and never would want to eat, you want to buy what you want, and tried. Really only college in Korea, or seek only the stable life and had learned a great lesson gained valuable experience which cannot be experienced if you never had a working holiday living. The do not give a mighty yitorok hard to believe that this really is very, very good experience and Walking true that when the acid in the skin and experience.

     January 31, 2012 ~ July 21, 2013. I also regret and no lingering regret that in six months to one year after the Australian Working Holiday lifelong plane back to Korea. I always did my best in my situation, than anyone else going to achieve my goals clearly. Traveling in Korea was not haeboji skateboards, surfboards, body boards, and international friends to Pub and Club, Skydiving, TESOL certification picking, CVA (Conservation Volunteer Australia) 160 시간 fill as many places (Gold Coast, Brisbane, in addition to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne), living life to the rich & am .. I think a lot has changed, it was also really different experiences and plans for the future a little more pronounced. Was contacted and sent off to a lot of people really like to go to the last day. I must continue to do our best filial piety, to learn, love, and always exercise. Feel that far too many go to learn! Information for the people heard that Australia! We very much, you'll be missed! Bye ~ Bye ~ Australia!

2013. 7. 21. 22:17:32 AUS

 *Foreign Friends Working Holiday Warhol 3rd Gwangju team LTE (Listen To my Experience) Consisting of  Australia 2, Canada 2, Germany 1 person Warhol Russia experienced team in our Gwangju to start the ceremony in March, supporters such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs working holiday in April, during the session of May, pole bracket Expo Uni working holiday promotion and the. Promote a better future by making plans with a good idea to promote a working holiday to be Assorted 20 youth men and women will :) 

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