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[World Report] Brexit Still Has a Long Way to Go [새창] 김해인 객원기자 2016-09-27
[World Report] Digitalcracy Can Be the Alternative to the Current Democracy [새창] 나민아 기자 2016-05-24
[World Report] What Is Causing the Donald Trump Phenomenon? [새창] 김해인 객원기자 2016-05-17
[World Report] A Global System to Fight Viruses Is Needed [새창] 김해인 객원기자 2016-04-01
[World Report] Brazil Needs a Rain Dance [새창] 김성영 해외통신원 2015-03-09
[World Report] China’s War on Air Pollution [새창] Xu Xin, Zhengzhou University, 2015-03-09
[World Report] Eastern Europe Still at War [새창] 이영철, 행정학과 교수 2014-11-13
[World Report] Brazil’s Preparations for 2014 FIFA World Cup [새창] 김성영 해외통신원 2014-04-30
[World Report] No Police Brutality in the Community [새창] 김해인 기자 2014-03-27
[World Report] Flowers That Never Fade [새창] 이고은 해외통신원 2014-03-11
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