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Hot Palce for Youth: U-square and Gwangchun Area유스퀘어, 젊음의 광장
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Hot Place for Youth: U-square and Gwangchun Area
You can get everything like shopping, foods and culture there!

By Jeon Joo-hee, Tribune Reporter

  ▲ The front view of U-square  

 August 2009, existing Gwangju Bus Terminal (Gwangchun Terminal) was changed new name U-square. U-square has meaning that your square and youth square. This place is acting as a gate to Gwangju for visitor. U-square at Gwangchun-dong has rocketing opportunity getting a part-time job and new playing space. Because there are huge commercial facilities with U-square as the center, from Shinsegae department store to Kumhoworld where buy electronic products (mp3, pmp, computer etc.). Do you want to solve all your needs only by one-step? To give answer to this question for you, this Tribune reporter visited U-square. 

 Do you want to listen how to enjoy culture life in U-square? U-square has big Movie Theater. In addition to, this is IMAX Movie Theater that only exists in Jeonla-do. IMAX Movie Theater should facilitate a clear image and more vivid stereophonic sound than former normal Movie Theater provides that. But, you should submit to pay more expensive than normal Movie Theater. Next to theater, there is U-terrace composed of woods. U-terrace can be used by everyone who visits U-square. We can talk and drink coffee or beverage with friends anytime there. In front of U-square there is an outdoor performance hall. You must check performance schedule in U-square before visiting there. You can watch outstanding performance like dance or mime. If you want to see a work of art, you have to visit in Kumho gallery. There are exhibited various works of art. It should be noted that you have to reserve ticket on the internet before visiting gallery. 

 Generally, Traffic jam of Gwangchun-dong located U-square is really heavy. Around the U-square, there are many various place like family restaurant (We can see all family restaurant in Gwangju only one neighborhood! For example, Vips, Outback steak house including T.G.I Fridays in U-square.) and cosmetic surgery or dermatology hospital. Therefore, the floating population in Gwangchun-dong is out of all knowledge. But, is there a reason that people visit here? The answer is U-square and around here where the place can take anything from shopping to culture life. A huge commercial space in Gwangchun-dong can get anything with satisfaction. If you need to buy mp3, you have to go Kumhoworld nearby E-mart in Gwangchun-dong. There are many stores that sell various electronic products. Many stores in there must attract customer than close by store. So, we can purchase products cheaper than other shop where you can easily found around. However, it is important to found original price through Internet at home before visiting Kumhoworld. If you do not know anything about products and trader think that you will buy any price, it can happen that you make mistake that you could buy products more expensive than fixed price. Next to Kumhoworld, there are E-mart and Shinsegae department store, corporate company in Gwangju. Two malls connect with basement road each other. So, you can easily use this road doing shopping. 

 The last, we can get food in U-square, too. There are many various restaurants Korean food, Japanese food, China food, Italy food and so on in U-square. Very delicious, but most restaurant is brand restaurant. So, food is more expensive than around Chonnam National University. In addition, Shinsegae department store’s underground department has many restaurants that sell delicious food. But, foods of them are expensive, too. 

 Generally, Most of people said that Gwangju is consumption city and U-square at Gwangchun-dong is viewed as this reflection. But, at the same reason, U-square that has bus terminal function is representative face in Gwangju for visiting people by bus. Also, I think that U-square is a symbol of developing Gwangju. In the future, Gwangchun-dong around U-square would advance better than now. Even at this moment, it is developing. Did you play only around Chonnam National University or around Gumnam-ro? Do you want to enjoy more luxurious? Do you need to get everything anywhere? I recommend U-square. It can show these answer.

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