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A University in My Heart
Gaoxiangyang, Senior, RUC  |  tribune1968@cnumedia.com
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승인 2005.10.08  15:43:47
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A University in My Heart
                                                                                                                                   By Gaoxiangyang


I had always dreamed of entering the best university in the world; I had always dreamed of spending my twenties studying on a beautiful, tranquil, almost garden-like campus; I had always dreamed of discussing academic issues with the leading authorities; I had always dreamed of participating actively in student affairs with my fellow-students; I had also always dreamed that one day I could proudly proclaim to my fellow-man that I had graduated from this best university in the world. However, when I actually started life as a student in my current university it was not at all like what I had dreamed of. Yet, I knew in my heart that it was still my university.
  Now, in my fourth my year of study at Renmin University of China (RUC),  often called Renda for short, I realize that I have grown from a boy to a man. In this time I have also come to realize how little I actually knew four years ago compared with what I know now.
Renmin is a key university in China. While the RUC focuses mainly on the humanities and social sciences it also has study programs in the natural science disciplines. Renda is widely regarded as a comprehensive research-orientated university.
  Renmin University was established after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. It still maintains many features of that period.  Since its establishment, RUC students and teachers have constantly sought to put into practice the university’s honorable objectives, namely, to strive unceasingly to be at the cutting-edge at all times, to serve the world as a whole while appreciating its natural diversity and to stick-fast to the principles of determined struggle and plain living. At the entrance gate in a large stone the university’s motto “seeking truth from facts” is carved in Chinese characters. This motto, taken from the words of Chairman Mao Zedong has long been adhered to by successive decades of students. However, adhering to the principles of the past doesn’t mean that we should refuse to embrace new things. This leads me to another feature of Renda; its continual development
  These days we can see great changes at Renmin University, both in its physical appearance and its’ “inner spirit.” So many grand buildings stand majestically, side by side.  Students can now enjoy modernized teaching and recreational facilities which are much better than before. Though not big, the campus is very exquisite. You are safe and feel inner warmth when strolling around it. Moreover, students display their flourishing vigor for life here. You can find students everywhere, be it studying, discussing student affairs and activities or just relaxing in the enjoyment of their surroundings. Rich and colorful student activities are seen as the highlight of campus life, thus allowing students to be open and creative. This is, in my opinion, the keystone to a student-based society.. 
  The word ‘Renda’ simply means people’s university in Chinese. So another feature of our university is the emphasis on people, on our-selves. In this new century, the RUC has further outlined its goals, principles and schemata for running the university. The principal of the university, Professor Ji Baocheng once declared that: “We seek to take culture and humanity into account when giving primary consideration to the people.” That is to say, we should strive to build a world-renowned university that is approved by and which satisfies the people. Students at Renda feel that we are the hosts here. All the teachers and workers work hard to help the students make progress. At the beginning of this passage, I said I had dreamed of studying with the help of well-known academic authorities. At Renda, I can do this and I really enjoy it. At present, the RUC has a large group of well-known leading scholars, such as Huang Da in Economics and Xiao Qian in Philosophy. Both of these academic luminaries are highly regarded both in China and overseas. A highly qualified and well structured teaching and research body has been formed. The RUC holds the top ranking in terms of the number of scholars who have gained official recognition from both the national and Beijing municipal governments. You can easily talk and discuss problems in any fields with world famous scholars just around you.
  The RUC education standard is to cultivate and produce “outstanding exemplars for the nation and to be the backbone of society.” An outstanding environment is provided for students from both home and abroad to learn and live at Renda. In taking full advantages of the benefits conferred on it by having the largest number of branches of learning in the humanities and social sciences, and augmenting this with its’ overall high standard in these areas, Renmin University has produced a large body of talented personnel in the theoretical, practical, and managerial fields in order to promote China and the world’s economic construction and social development.
  In almost four years at the RUC, I have undergone the whole process; from that of ignorance to knowledge and from that of unacquaintance to love. Now, I can proudly state that I am studying in a young, progressive and vigorous university that has boundless potential. I now know that it is Renda that was deep in my dream all along. As a senior student, I sincerely welcome people from home and abroad to come and visit or even study at the RUC. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome people with lofty ideals from all around the world, to make your acquaintance and in joining Renmin University to ask you to use your wisdom and vigor for both your personal and Renda’s continued development together.


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