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Opening the Eyes of My Heart
Sultonova Alomatkhon, 경영학부 2학년  |  tribune1968@cnumedia.com
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승인 2019.11.18  16:12:08
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

    This will be one diverting story of how I figured out the greatness of a language that I was disposed to learn on Yeosu Campus of CNU. At first to me, it looked like a big, time-consuming, and testing responsibility to study an intensive Korean language course. I really did not want to do anything in the dark during those boring hours until I gained some results from the course. I disliked it so much that I wanted to run out of the door of the classroom, as I didn’t know anything about the language. 

▲ Sultonova Alomatkhon, Sophomore, Faculty of Business Administration

    The purpose of this program is to make foreign undergraduate students understand knowledge about the rules of social cooperation and advancement of informative skills outside the classroom. There were also Korean culture classes that gave us a colorful understanding by watching some films about Korean history or by introducing us to Korean social life such as talking about social issues; social contrasts, false impressions, and perceptions of the objective culture that made us closer to Korean culture as well as its environment. Teachers shared with me their knowledge about learning the language with their professional skills and endeavored to understand the psychology of students. They were diamond keys to my heart.
    I should express my thanks with all of my feelings to my teachers who connected with me during the program. They needed to always hold on for me while I posed questions and chased after them both day and night. Even at the point of experiencing difficulty while doing schoolwork, l could ask them questions under any circumstances.
    All of my teachers consistently greeted me wholeheartedly, furthermore, with comforting grins that were an extremely unadulterated dawn to open the eyes of my heart to see their human kindness. My judgement has landed with their important input and basic guide to learning Korean for foreign students. I now recognize that the majority of their advice of how to learn the language has been useful in my daily life and they carry on being ideal women in my heart. With the help of their motivational guide l headed towards the world with an alternative purpose compared to when l sat in the Korean language class in the fall of 2018.
    While taking into account everything I experienced, l have to explain how much influence the program had on my studies and on my mind. It made me ready to go out into the world as I have to get a vital job as the first significant step in my life. While learning Korean language, l probably made the best extraordinary feeling that could be a mirror to show me who l am and who people around me are by using a language which is one of a kind. The genuine precious stone in people is "the eyes of the heart."

By Sultonova Alomatkhon, Sophomore, Faculty of Business Administration

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