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Dilemma About Learning Foreign Languages Practically
탁우성, 수학과 4학년  |  tribune1968@cnumedia.com
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승인 2019.05.20  16:10:49
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▲ Tak Woo-song, Senior, Dept. of Mathematics
   On the cover page of the last issue, there is one Korean student and some foreign students. Before reading the Cover Story, I roughly expected what the main content of the magazine was going to be. Many students including me are very interested in learning foreign languages. Chonnam National University is providing students with various foreign language learning programs in the Language Education Center. There are also buddy programs to pair foreign students and local students and exchange programs organized by the Office of International Affairs. But I think only learning foreign languages is not helpful to maximize students’ abilities for their future. Some students want to learn foreign languages themselves or know foreign cultures without any other reasons. But most students are taking English classes at academies or on the Internet to meet English language requirements for getting a job. In such situations, it could be a solution that the university operates on-campus customized career preparation programs to combine learning foreign languages and studying for employment properly. It will improve employment opportunities for students with foreign language abilities who have enhanced their language proficiency by joining the above-mentioned foreign language and international programs.

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