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Vijay Patil, Guest Reporter  |  tribune1968@cnumedia.com
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승인 2018.11.16  15:12:00
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▲ Vijay Patil, Guest Reporter

    On the verge of finishing a master’s degree at the end of last semester, one of my close friends’ research group was on the brink of completion of several research articles and simultaneous experiments. It was a crucial period and a turning point in their research tenure. They had to prepare a strategic plan and in doing so they distributed the work according to their skills and they were assigned their own part. This situation is not alien in our modern world as our modern lifestyle functions with intricate social, economic and regional systems joined in a web. Hence, it is an impossible task for an individual with limited skills, availability of resources as well as a lack of time. Thus, group work has been the backbone of human life throughout history.
    During a planned research task, they came to realize the importance of team work but it was difficult to keep up with the process in a delicate manner. The difficulty was inherent and unavoidable due to their different human nature and it was difficult for them to maintain a collaborative and supportive spirit. It would be wrong to say that they never argued. As I remember they argued and even talked about each other behind each other’s backs. But the interesting solution to this problem is that they had the same human nature which thrives on encouragement and understanding, and sometimes it was necessary for them to take one step back while working towards a common goal. There were different attitudes to the solutions of the problem but within the group they understood to listen to others and recheck their views to correct them so that they could find the most effective way. The feeling of belonging to a group kept them responsible for any drawbacks or mistakes. It developed a shared value within them.
    Actually, such experience is valuable to prepare yourself for life. After glancing at various careers it is instantly revealed that anything from working in a coffee shop to working as part of a research group, we have to work in a group. This requires us to have the ability to deal with people, as well as have good communication skills and constructive debating skills all while maintaining performance.
    Now, putting aside these benefits and pitfalls, project work gives us lots of moments that we can cherish. You find comfort in your team as time passes by and it requires only a small push to open yourself up to your friends. You can celebrate by having parties or treats due to the success of small or big goals and also long talks form bonding and it enables the members to connect more closely with each other. This emotional attachment is one of the most beautiful moments of our youth. I assume several readers will go through project assignments in the near future. I just wanted to say enjoy it, work hard and keep fighting.

By Vijay Patil, Guest Reporter

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