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Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Being Curious
Vinny Ang.  |  tribune1968@cnumedia.com
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▲ Vinny Ang. Alumnus, IT Specialist, DKSH Korea

    Many say that getting a permanent office job in South Korea is difficult even for a native Korean and that it’s amazing that I even managed to secure a job before my graduation. I think it worked out well for me because I am considerably fluent in multiple languages, have a bachelor degree in IT, have work experiences in my home country, and graduated my MBA at a Korean university. Having the qualifications above made my job-seeking process easier. However, even if you do not have the above qualifications, fret not, because all in all what you need is just a set of unique skills which enable you to appeal to your future employer.
    Before studying GMBA at CNU, I worked as a system analyst in a MNC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in IT and having work experience as a system analyst helped me to gain my IT skills. From there, I continued my studies in Business Administration by enrolling on the Global MBA course at CNU. This contributed to my second skill of understanding business and administration process. Besides this, I can converse in English, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Malay and Korean, which helped me to land my first job in South Korea as a solution support engineer. It was a non-Korean MNC firm which is based in Seoul to support customers from South Korea’s neighboring countries, where they required someone who is fluent in both English and Chinese while having IT skills. However, it wasn’t easy to look for such candidates in South Korea as most might be good in Korean and Chinese or English and Korean. Also, usually IT graduates focus more on their technical skill instead of language skills, which makes my skill set looks unique to the recruitment team.
    I am currently working as an IT Specialist in another non-Korean MNC in Seoul and I believe that I was hired because of the unique skill set I have. Being the only foreigner besides the Australian President, I converse mainly in Korean but I do converse in English with the global team which is based in Malaysia. A recent trend is, it is always an advantage to be good in multiple languages and having certain knowledge, both technical and functional. Therefore, instead of just focusing on academic achievement, try to involve yourself in various experiences in different fields and earn yourselves different kinds of skill sets.
    In a nut shell, don’t be afraid to try new things and always strive to learn something different. You may be good at only one thing, but try to embrace something you are interested in even if you are not good at it. You will never know whether, in the future, there will be perfect job which is made just for you.

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