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Helpful Apps for Romantic Relationships
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Take a look around, and you will find yourself and your friends complaining about relationships, regardless of their dating status. People in relationships are engaged in an intense psychological skill, known as ‘push and pull.’ Meanwhile, single people are eager to find their destiny. The IT industry in the 21st century could not just sit by and watch people’s concerns. Tons of smartphone apps are designed to solve dating problems. Here are some useful apps for people in love, and who want to be in love.

Looking for a Fated Love? Ask ‘Amanda’
“I don’t have a chance to meet new guys, especially in the middle of the semester,” said Lee Haw-jin (Sophomore, Dept. of English Language and Literature). Finding a person to go out with during our daily life is really hard. In this case, ‘Amanda’ (amanda.co.kr) can be a perfect alternative. Amanda is a dating or blind date application that matches a couple among the users. What makes this app better than other dating apps is that to get an admission to be a member of the application, you need to pass the evaluation from other users with your selfies. The dating app company says that in this way, users can meet more reliable and verified people.

Your Love Adviser ‘Ginger’
Were you surprised with Alphago’s triumph on Lee Sae-dol? Brace yourself. There are more things to make you fascinated. It is a smartphone app named ‘Ginger’ (imaginger.net), which analyzes the conversation between couples and gives advice. Ginger is related to a famous app, ‘Between’ which helps couples not forget about the special events and provides a messenger service. Ginger offers services only to a ‘Between’ user. This app will summarize a couple’s weekly conversation and help each person to be an expert in the push and pull of love. Are you a couple and want to make your relationship deeper? Your answer is waiting for you on your smartphone.

Your Partner’s Personal Bodyguard ‘Couple Vow’
Every day, we are surrounded by tragic news about crimes. All of us know that people around us are not an exception. Until now, couples were used to telling each other to leave a message when he or she gets home to make sure they arrive home safely. But here is good news for couples. A new app for couples, ‘Couple Vow’ will track partners’ location and let you know when they get back home. Also, you will be notified about your partner’s location every few minutes. Now we can just focus on our work and leave every worry behind. Some people might argue that this app violates user’s privacy. Thus, you need to use this app with 100% agreement from your partner.

Dating Tips for CNUians

1. Know what you really want: When you are in a relationship, it is hard to make a decision on small and big things. While you are thinking, the other might think that you are too indecisive. However, you know that it is because you don’t know what you actually want. You need to concentrate on your inner voice to make the right decision on a date.
2. Be cool. Do not be obsessed: Sometimes, we feel like my boy/girlfriend is ‘the one’. But you should know that he/she can be just a person passing by in your love life. Stay back, and do not get stressed by being obsessed.
3. If your relationship is not making you happy, don’t waste your time with it: Remember that half of the world is men/women. If you think your boyfriend does not make you laugh, or even make you unhappy, throw him away. Do not ruin your day because of him. Relationships are supposed to make you happy.
4. Be smart and safe when it comes to sex: Before you hook up, you need to follow what I mentioned in tip 1, know what you want. The next step is to, of course, be safe. It might sound like a cliché but it is the most important thing for the relationship.
5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them: You need to know that you don’t have to be ‘PERFECT’ in your relationship. You can make mistakes while having a date with your beloved one. If you make a mistake, just learn a lesson from it and leave it behind you.

By Lee So-yi, Tribune Reporter

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