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Students Need More Spaces for Group Activities팀학습실 공간 부족
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승인 2013.10.04  20:16:06
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Students Need More Spaces for Group Activities
By Kim Hae-in, Student Editor
    From the 2nd semester of 2013, each college will take care of their own study rooms instead of the Institute of Liberal Education (ILE). Until last semester, ILE was the department who took charge of managing study rooms and students could book a study room on its homepage. However, there are several problems, such as students double booking the study rooms and making it impossible for other students to use the place as a result. The new system was created to resolve the problems of the past, but it is not without its own problems.

A team study room located in the College of Education

Problems with the New System
    In the past students could check on study room reservation at once on the website and book a vacant study room at the same time by clicking in the previous system, but now, students must visit the administration office of each college and write a reservation form to use it. If you want to check the present condition of reservation, you need to visit the administration office which manages the rooms. “I have to visit an administration office every time I want to use a study room. I want the previous system back so I can just check which room is available and book a room online right away,” said Cho Ha-young (Junior, Dept. of Business). Another problem is that some colleges only allow students who belong to that college to use that college’s study rooms. Since it is not open for everyone, if a student’s college study room is not available, they cannot look for another college’s study room. Colleges tend to not open their study rooms for students who are not in their college because of the management problem. A college official said, “Other college’ students tend to use study rooms without any care. If any of equipment in the rooms were damaged, we are the ones who are responsible for it. We do not want that situation.”
With the change of the system, the online reservation has vanished, and students feel uncomfortable because of the college restriction on the use of study rooms. In order to make it convenient for students to use study rooms, booking reservation needs to be done online just as the previous system. 
 However, it seems like it is difficult for this to come into action. Baek Jun-hee, member of Office of Student Affairs (OSA), said, “In order to keep the online service, we need to have a department and human resources who takes charge of it. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to do that at the moment. We will keep the current system for a semester, and then if students or colleges bring up the problems, we will look for a solution.”
Maximize Limited Spaces on Campus
    The fundamental issue about the study room-related problems is that CNU does not have enough places for its students’ group activities. It has always been mentioned as a way to solve the problems to permit students to use vacant class rooms, but it has yet to yield significant results. According to the OSA, in case of Jinrigwan, students can use classrooms when there is no class but running a system regarding using those places as a study room has several problems. Using empty and available classrooms in colleges could be an effective and alternative method. But, it does not seem easy. The biggest reason is the management problem. Of course, some students thoughtlessly throw garbage in the room or do not turn off the air conditioner and lights when they leave the class room. According to the OSA, several reports of dirty classrooms and power wasting were made during the previous system and to prevent such problems, they had to stop the study room reservation of Jinrigwan from six to eight in the evening.
    In order to solve the problem of lacking space, students need to take care of the campus facilities they are using and the university authorities need to think of proper measures to cope with management problems since the school does not have any plan to extend places for student activities. Recruiting volunteers for maintenance could be one solution or developing a new online system which anyone can check the booked rooms at a glance and reserve any vacant classrooms on campus. In that way, the university does not need human resources to approve of using study rooms one by one. The new system was made to supplement the previous problems but since new problems are occurring, CNU needs to make an effort to offer convenience and effectiveness to its students.

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