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Brief History of the Chonnam Tribune전남대학교 영자신문 Chonnam Tribune의 45년
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The Chonnam Tribune was first published on July 15th by the proposal of Professor Kim Tae-jin, who insisted that establishment of a university English newspaper to exchange information about academic activities with foreign universities.
The newspaper became a monthly newspaper published in an enlarged size. In September 1976, the “Alumni Column” was started. Later, its name has changed into “People”. In June 1977, the Chonnam Tribune uniquely published a title of one of its articles in Korean, “Vivian is Beautiful (Vivianneun Yeppoyo)”   
The newspaper changed into a quarterly magazine with 32 pages from May. In 2004, the size increased from B5 into A4 size.
Also, the Chonnam Tribune started to recruit Guest Reporters and Overseas Correspondents that diversified the items in the publication. In 2006, the magazine published in all-color which received good response from the readers.   
On March the magazine changed into a biweekly newspaper that published with The Chonnam National University Weekly. The Chonnam Tribune also strengthened its online activities.
With an effort of the university which wants to be more globalized, the Chonnam Tribune changed into a monthly newspaper on March.
By Hwang Jae-hyung, Cho Se-hyun, Lee Su-jung, Cub-Reporters


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