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[Culture & Life] Ethical Consumption for a Better World
Farmers in cacao plantations in Africa have not eaten chocolate even if they plant them. They earn only 3~4,000 won per day. The worst point
박수경 기자   2014-09-18
[Culture & Life] Keep Your Dreams Alive
Most students enter university because they want to pursue their dreams and have many expectations for their campus life. When they are fres
임선영 기자   2014-03-11
[Culture & Life] Unique Style from Vintage Shops
Vintage fashion means faded or crumpled used clothes, or a trend to like to wear those clothes. In Korea in 2000 or so, vintage fashion gain
김성영 기자   2013-12-09
[Culture & Life] Winner’s Remarks & Essay
High School Division Pursuing My Dreams with Essays By Noh Eun-young, Second Grade, Gwangju Jungang Girl’s High School My heart races when
Chonnam Tribune   2012-12-19
[Culture & Life] Remarks from Judges
Remarks from Judges By Na Yun-hee & Nah Hee-kyung, Professors, Department of English Language and Literature We are happy to report that th
Chonnam Tribune   2012-12-19
[Culture & Life] Winners’ List
2012 English Essay Contest The Chonnam Tribune hosted the 2012 English Essay Contest over a period of four hours on November 10th, 2012. Th
Chonnam Tribune   2012-12-19
[Culture & Life] Want to Improve Your Creative Imagination?
Want to Improve Your Creative Imagination? By Kim Chang-soo, Guest Reporter It’s a new semester! Looking for something fresh? New challenges
김창수 객원기자   2009-09-24
[Culture & Life] Why Don’t You Go Outside and Enjoy Sports?
Why Don’t You Go Outside and Enjoy Sports? By Heo Si-joon, Student Reporter The weather is getting warmer so it is nice to do something new
허시준 기자   2009-05-24
[Culture & Life] How to Enjoy Music on Campus
How to Enjoy Music on Campus By Ryu Seung-hyi, Guest Reporter Campus clubs may provide the first opportunity for freshmen to pursue their in
류승희 객원기자   2009-03-22
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