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CNU 2011 Review & 2012 Expectations
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What were the most impressive things in 2011 at Chonnam National University (CNU)? The Chonnam Tribune reviews 2011 through three top news of the last year, and looks ahead to 2012 through imaginary three news of this year that CNUians hope to be fulfilled. – Ed.
News Review 2011: Top News Stories of the Year
Unfinished Election for 2012 General Student Council
By Kim Ji-yeon, Tribune Cub-Reporter
The election for 2012 General Student Council (GSC) which started last November 23rd has not yet come to a conclusion. As a result of the vote count, the candidate named “Action” was elected, but the Central Election Manage Committee (CEMC) disqualified them because they were being disciplined by the CEMC. Consequently, the candidate of another party called “Junsul” became the sole candidate for the 2012 GSC, but some objections were made. Action has been against the election result and applied for an injunction to declare the election invalid to the court. The final decision of the court has been postponed until Mid-January. Lee So-jung (Freshman, Dept. of English Language and Literature) said that she could not understand why this situation had arisen, but there would be another vote. The election for the 2012 GSC, student’s self-governing organization at CNU has been litigated, and it has become quite a hot potato.
CNU Strengthened International Programs
By Ahn So-hee, Tribune Cub-Reporter
In 2011, the Office of International Affairs (OIA), CNU operated diverse programs such as International Summer Session, Preparatory Student Exchange Program, International Intern Program, Hope Studying English Abroad for raising students’ international competitiveness. Gu Hee-jin, a coordinator of the OIA, explains the purpose of the Preparatory Student Exchange Program among those programs saying, “The number of foreign universities making a memorandum of understanding with CNU is increasing, but the number of qualified students is not enough.” About 500 students were recruited in November 2011 and about 20 extra students will be selected though Jump-in Programs as freshmen in 2012. The OIA will financially support the selected students with such things as the cost of foreign language classes and public foreign language test fees and also offer special lectures to give information for exchange students once every two months.
2011 CNU Festival Has Changed
By Lee Ji-song, Tribune Reporter
    The 2011 CNU Festival, the main pledge of the General Student Council (GSC), which was held from September 28th to 30th, had received positive evaluations from CNUians. The GSC members strongly insisted that they would change the annual school festival. According to the survey conducted by the Chonnam Tribune at the end of last year, 52.4 percent of the 212 respondents favored the changed festival. Lee Ju-hyung (Sophomore, Dept. of English Education) said, “The 2010 CNU Festival had been really boring, but the 2011 CNU Festival was totally different from the previous one. I have never seen so many people on our campus.” The number of international students who participated in the festival also had increased, and many students enjoyed a variety of performances by famous singers, amateurs and students’ bands.
CNU 2012: What to Expect
CNU Plants Seeds of Hope Scholarship … “Be Ambitious!”
By Lee Ji-song, Tribune Reporter
    Starting the new-year, 2012, CNU has a plan to introduce a new scholarship, ‘Seeds of Hope Scholarship’. According to the survey of the Chonnam Tribune , 57.5 percent of 212 respondents answered that getting a scholarship was difficult because it was unclear whether they could receive the scholarship or not. Also, CNUians complained some students received two or several scholarships. The Seeds of Hope Scholarship has some special qualifications, grades or family circumstances are part of the selection criteria for general scholarships. Students who had been granted a scholarship from CNU before, could not apply for the scholarship. Applicants for the scholarship have to submit their plan on how they would use the scholarship for their own dream. They also have to submit certificates of used scholarships for their dream every month. At the end of the semester, the beneficiary should submit official certificates that demonstrate their effort’s to fulfill their dream.
CNU Expands Cultural and Resting Spaces
By Lee Ji-song, Tribune Reporter
    According to the survey carried out by the Chonnam Tribune, what CNUians want the most is to make some cultural spaces and break areas for students, getting 32.5 percent of 212 respondents. Lee Da-in (Sophomore, School of Business Administration) said, “CNU has a little space for doing cultural activities or getting some rest. When students want to talk or take a rest, they have to go to a café around CNU.” CNU Administration has considered the students’ opinions, and decided to expand some spaces for them. CNU will build a Student Lounge in each college by 2013. Also, CNU regards the lack of study rooms seriously. An official has said, “CNU expects that CNU students can make good use of the places for their self-improvement and relationship.”
CNU Releases a New Shuttle Bus Route
By Kim Na-hyun, Tribune Cub-Reporter
CNU released a new shuttle bus route which runs between Hak-dong and Yongbong-dong campus. Hak-dong campus is near down town, and the CNU Nursing and Medical courses campus. Before releasing the new bus route, the nursing and medical students had difficulties taking classes on Yongbong campus where almost all liberal arts and school programs are implemented. Kim Young-gyun (Junior, Dept. of Nursing) said, “It is so convenient. I'm appreciative of CNU. I can take my liberal arts classes on time on Yongbong campus. If I want to borrow some books from the University Library, I just take the shuttle bus and go to the library on Youngbong campus.” After the release of the new shuttle bus route, the rates of students participating in school programs are 20% higher than before. And the students who live far from school but cannot use the shuttle bus request expanding the bus course. CNU is going to extend bus routes to all parts of Gwangju in the future.
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