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LEC's Popular Teachers언어교육원의 인기강사
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The LEC’s Popular Teachers
By Kim Han-na, Tribune Reporter
It is no longer an unfamiliar sight to see Korean students saying hello to foreigners who order coffee at the Angel-in-Us Cafe next to the Language Education Center (LEC). In general, Korean students feel ill at ease talking with foreigners. However, Korean students are exceptionally open to speaking with the teachers at the LEC. Chonnam National University (CNU) students meet LEC teachers through classes like English for Global Communication (previously called Global English), a chance to study English and to build personal relationships with foreign teachers. There are about thirty foreign teachers at the LEC, each with unique personalities. Of them, the Chonnam Tribune met two special teachers who enjoy spending time with Korean students.

 Sonia Mitchell

Sonia Mitchell (Scottish, Instructor at the Language Education Center)
When I first saw her, her boyishly short, blond hair and a lip piercing attracted my attention at once. As I told her about the positive reactions of Korean students to her style, she was very surprised and said “It makes me happy and I appreciate their compliments very much.” Besides her hair and fashion sense, she is known for riding her motorcycle around campus. I was surprised to learn that she has had her motorcycle for about a year. She said “I did not have a motorcycle or a car in the UK. I learned to ride a motorcycle in Korea!” I wonder whether she ever got nervous riding a motorcycle. She answered “I like to have fun! We only live once and we should make the most of every chance we get in life! Maybe some students think it’s strange to see a girl riding a motorcycle, but I think it’s important to try everything once and to do what makes you happy!” Sonia feels that the world would be a very boring place if everyone looked the same and did the same things. That is why she likes creating her own style. In future, she wants to get a tattoo. She said “Tattoos are a very personal thing, so I do not want other people to see it. If they see it, I will be embarrassed.” Lastly, she hoped that CNUians would embrace their own style and individuality without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Also she said, ”Everyone looks good in their own ways.”

Louis Maheras

Louis Maheras (American, Instructor at the Language Education Center)
Now Louis is living a busy life as an English teacher, so I have had only a few occasions to see him on campus. He is as handsome as they say and very polite. CNU students call him Michael Scofield (Wentworth Earl Miller III), one of main characters of the TV series Prison Break. This nickname is a badge of popularity among his students. I asked how he thinks about his look and his nickname. He said, “Actually, I laugh when people called me that. I consider myself to be average looking. Korean people think that foreigners resemble famous people or celebrities, because Korean people think westerners look the same. When I see a picture of him, I think ‘huh?’ Maybe people should get their eyes checked.” Louis enjoyed popularity also in America when he was in high school and university. He used to work part-time as a personal trainer at university, so he has some knowledge of weight training and body building. He said, “When I was younger, I was in better shape, but now I am bigger than before and I’m getting older, so it is hard to keep the body in shape, but I try to.” Louis has a girlfriend, so he is careful what he says about an ideal type of woman. He said, “Intelligence is extremely important, ability to keep the conversations going and have common interests, and of course, a good appearance is also an important factor. My ideal Korean woman is Cheon Ji-hyun and Monica Bellucci for a Western woman.” If CNUians want gain his favor, they should try to have a healthy body instead of a skinny one and they should study hard.
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