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The Pulitzer Prize Photographs
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We Live In a Global Village
- The Pulitzer Prize Photographs-
By Hyeon Ji-yeong, Tribune Reporter
  ▲ One of pictures got the Pulitzer Prize. Photo by The New York Times  
I had the opportunity to see The Pulitzer Prize Photographs on display in Seoul from June 22nd to August 29th. I did not have profound knowledge of the photographs, but I really looked forward to appreciating meaningful moments captured on film. The Pulitzer Prize is an American award given yearly for the best achievements in the fields of newspapers, literature and musical compositions. Only Americans or reporters working at American presses can be given the Pulitzer Prize, which has international fame, and so I looked forward to the photo exhibition. When I arrived at the exhibition hall, it was hot and the place was packed. Everyone was waiting in a long line to look at the photographs. It took a long time to see the next photo but I got out of the line and glanced over the photos three times.
Most of the pictures in the exhibition captured historical moments or terrible tragedies. . I observed the various events which happened in the world with my eyes.  The photos in the Pulitzer Prize Photographs have a variety of stories. After hearing a brief explanation of each photo, I was occasionally attracted by several photographs that have an important social and historical significance and make people feel deep sorrow. I was inspired by The Most Positive Women that I Met. Through this photo, I learned the story of immigrant workers in Palm Beach, rated as one of the seven best places to live in, but their life was so tough. However, this photo seems peaceful, like pastoral scenery. At that moment, I thought that our society was created by some people’s invisible sacrifices and life was full of irony. In another picture, I could not find a caption. As I read the story that described the situation, I was at a loss for words. At first sight, it may look like a common couple walking along the seaside but this photo showed a couple looking for their child who had sunk into the vast sea.
Frankly speaking, I was not stirred by all the photos. As I was not in the spot where the accident took place, I have lived without questioning other people’s unhappiness. I was frightened by my impassiveness. I was unaware of these moments that were so huge for other people.  After seeing the exhibition, I realized that the Pulitzer Prize photographs are taken for news value, not artistic value. I could not feel easily moved by the Pulitzer Prize photographs, but they made me become interested in the sadness of other people around the world. Looking at the pictures, I felt more than just mere sympathy. I hope that the photographer’s efforts will not go down the drain. To do that, we must act for world peace. I will keep in mind that I am also a member of a global village. The Pulitzer Prize Photographs became a valuable opportunity to change my world view.
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