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We Are Ready to Be One
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We Are Ready to Be One
By Jang Min, Guest Reporter
  ▲ Cultural Diversity Scholarship students (Samo, Anita, Najira, Satriya from the left)  
   As the world has gotten smaller, CNUians are required to have a global mind and international thinking. In order for CNUians to be qualified as members of the global village by creating an authentic international community on campus, Chonnam National University (CNU) established the Cultural Diversity Scholarship, which is for international students from mainly non-Asian countries. Chonnam Tribune met five students who are at the center of realization for cultural diversity at CNU.
   They had spent about 10 days at CNU when Chonnam Tribune had an interview with them.  I was worried about whether they felt uncomfortable. Anita Makhosazane Nkambule (19) from Swaziland said, “This life is best for me, a beautiful dormitory, a big university and nice places.” Fortunately all five students seem to be satisfied and excited with their CNU lives. “The first impression I got from CNU is very big. It makes me confident. Koreans are very confident and quite polite,” Satriya Sulistiyo Aji (17) from Indonesia said.
   What would they like to learn at CNU that fascinates them? Najira Getachew (19) from Ethiopia hopes to major in electronic engineering. Satriya said, “I am especially interested in engines. South Korea is more developed than my country so I want to develop automotive engineering skills.” They are looking forward to getting more technical development knowledge in the great educational environment at CNU.   Pierre Lambert (31) from France, (Kang Ho-sung in Korean), had a different idea of what he hoped to accomplish. He said, “Human beings start to become the type of people they are going to be while they are in university. It is important to obtain knowledge, but it is also important to learn how to treat others.” I wondered about their thoughts on  this new scholarship that gave them an opportunity to study in Korea. Samo Helder Matosse (25) from the Republic of Mozambique described one of the positive effects of this program. “It will improve the way we think about others. As different people from various countries, all cultures could be together.” He added that the cultural diversity would make this university universal. “As we get along together, we become ready to be one. You’ll get to know the way others are and respect the way they are.” Moreover, they have a strong responsibility as the first ‘chosen’ students. Anita said, “I hope we are the first of many, that there will be opportunities for other non-Asians in the future. I want to speak Korean fluently because I want to be closer to the Korean friends who helped me.”
Many are making great efforts to help create real cultural diversity at CNU. “I am willing to have a good relationship with CNUians. I will try to get close to them,” said Najira. Satriya told me, “It’s difficult for us to communicate in Korean, but I’m trying to start from now, little by little.” Others are enthusiastic to learn Korean, too.
I was curious about their dreams. Samo said, “I’d like to study agricultural economics. It will be helpful for improving the way my country approaches agriculture. I can put my hand on my nation’s needs.’  His affection towards his nation is very impressive. Najira wants to be an expert in engineering not only for his country but also for the world. Satriya hopes to become Minister of Foreign Affairs to help maintain a good relationship with the Earth. Their dreams are as great as their abilities, the responsibility CNU has given them and the expectations of their homelands for them to develop as global leaders. I have no doubt that their voices for a better world will greatly influence CNUians.
I will keep in mind their gratitude and willingness towards Koreans and I will never forget their saying, “You are my first Korean friend”. As they are willing to help establish cultural enrichment on campus, CNUians should also be willing to learn about their different cultural backgrounds and global ways of thinking from them. Additionally CNUians need to be more open to them to meet this goal. As a better economically developed country, we can teach them technology. However, why don’t you give them a warm welcome as a gift? When the whole world could be the future stage for CNUians, an open mind toward the world should come before anything. At the end of the interview, one of them asked me, “Would you like to be my friend?”
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