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Why Don’t You Go Outside and Enjoy Sports?
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Why Don’t You Go Outside

and Enjoy Sports?


By Heo Si-joon, Student Reporter

   The weather is getting warmer so it is nice to do something new outside. There are many things you can do, but how about playing a sport? If you desire to do livelier and more meaningful activities, sports are recommended. You can obtain many things through sports, confidence, healthiness, connect with people and have fun. Chonnam Tribune will give you some tips about CNU’s sports clubs you can join. If you have an interest in these sports clubs, contact them by referring to information at the end of this article.

Chonnam National University Alpine Club

  Chonnam National University Alpine Club (CNUAC) is an amateur alpinist’s club that
consists of undergraduates and graduates of CNU. It has a 50-year tradition and all members are proud of its systemic and lively activity. In ordinary meeting times, they train to build their body strength by using a climbing wall which is set up in their club room. They regularly go mountain climbing every season and past members as well as regular ones can participate in long term mountain climbing during each and every vacation. It also has a joint climb with other universities’ clubs or alpinist unions.

Moreover, if you join this club, you could get a chance to go mountain climbing abroad. It would be more helpful than other abroad programs like studying abroad or working holiday. Maybe you are worried about preparing your own equipment, but you do not have to be burdened. It has basic climbing equipments for you. The leader, Noh Kyung-mi (Sophomore, Dept. of Wood Science & Engineering) said, “It is true that mountain climbing is not easy. However, as time goes on, there only remains precious memories. So, try joining this club!”

GRIP, Yongbong Tennis Club 

  GRIP, one of CNU tennis clubs, has a 30-year tradition. The club has various sporting events every month including regular training, tournaments, picnic parties and goodwill matches with other universities and also has friendly games with other tennis groups at CNU. Particularly, it has published a club paper called Moramdduerack (members’ garden) every week from the start of this club and the paper has functioned as the club’s bulletin.

Three times every week, senior members train underclassmen how to play the tennis in a free atmosphere. All tennis equipment and even a shower room and dressing room are provided for club members. The leader, Lee Dong-hwan (Sophomore, Dept. of Chemical Engineering) said, “Tennis is a collective movement so club members can be friends easily. Moreover, we have a lot of exchanges with other tennis clubs, and it can help develop our club. We wish that many CNUians would consider joining our club.”

SEAFOX, Scuba Diving Club

   SEAFOX is a club of amateur skin scuba divers and the only scuba diving club of CNU.
It has a 25-year tradition without any accidents. Skin scuba is an underwater sport divided into a skin diving and a scuba diving. Skin diving is swimming just under the surface of the sea breathing with an oxygen mask and using flippers while scuba diving requires special equipment for breathing underwater for several minutes at a time. If you join this club, you could do both these types of diving.

It meets once a week and swimming training runs twice a month, and also goes on a skin scuba tour during the semester and on vacation. Equipment is already prepared, so you do not have to buy them for yourself. The leader of this club, Kang Won-choul (Sophomore, Dept. of Faculty of Applied Chemical Engineering) said, “Skin scuba diving is an extreme sport. You may be scared to do a skin scuba diving. If you have a try at skin and scuba diving, you could overcome fear and have a novel experience.”

DOVE, Soccer Club 

  DOVE started as a small soccer group in 1987 and now it is a central soccer club registered to the CNU General Student Councils. The club name, DOVE, means peace, sportsmanship and intensive soccer. Under this conception, all members of this club have much passion at soccer so they keep attending. They have matches with Kyungpook National University Soccer Club, CENTER, to build friendship every March. They also have done tournaments with other universities around Gwangju, Chosun, Gwangju and Honam.

DOVE has divided roles into external roles and internal roles in an attempt to efficiently manage the team. The leader and vice-leader work for preparing training grounds and set their schedule as an external role. Two other members take roles, captain and sub captain that have a whole right to command the team on the pitch. DOVE practices twice every week. The leader of this club, Jung Pyeong-keun (Junior, School of Mechanical Systems Engineering) said, “Club activities never waste your time. On the contrary it is helpful for you. If you follow out whatever you do, you can have patience and pride. I wish CNUians enjoy campus life with passion.”

Rangdo, Fencing Club

   Rangdo is a fencing club. Fencing is a sport that two members match hitting each other
with a bamboo sword. Their name took after the flower of youth in Silla dynasty so they lay an emphasis on etiquette in the match. They do goodwill matches with other fencing clubs in Gwangju and participate in the All-Korea tournament every year. And then they have won many prizes. They have a meeting called “The Night of Family” each term regularly every member attends, so their relationship between undergraduates and graduates is close.

Rangdo also strives to correct the misperception about the club’s activity which interrupts studying and costs a lot. Seniors make a strong effort to set a good example to their underclassmen as a role model, and underclassmen follow them. They have fencing equipment for common use so you do not need to buy it. The leader, Hwang Lee-young (Junior, Dept. of Polymer Engineering) said, “I wish CNUians could become enthusiastic about studying and exercising for a healthy campus life. Doing any other activity which can meet many people will be a good memory of your campus life. Good luck!”


Location: Student Union 1, 400
Contact address: 062) 530-0075
Qualification: Anyone who likes mountain climbing.
Period: All year around
Homepage: http://www.icnuac.net

Location: Student Union 1, 418
Contact address: 010-4804-3362
Qualification: Freshmen
Period: All year around
Homepage: http://altair.chonnam.ac.kr/~grip/

Location: The building between the Yongji Pond and tennis court
Contact address: 010-4430-8233
Qualification: Freshmen
Period: All year around
Homepage: http://cafe.daum.net/SEAFOX

Location: Stands near the main stadium
Contact address: 010-6460-3958
Qualification: Freshmen
Period: All year around
Homepage: http://club.cyworld.com/dove1987

* Association of Rando
Location: Student Union 1, 310
Contact address: 010-7591-7482
Qualification: Everyone from freshmen to graduate who want to join
Period: All year around
Homepage: http://cafe.daum.net/rando


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