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Special Relationship of the Old Man and the Cow, Old Partner
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Special Relationship of the Old Man and the Cow,

Old Partner

By Oh Uhl, Student Editor

If I think about this movie, a cowbell sound still comes to mind. A cow, it has no name, has worked every day even if it is rainy or snowy for thirty years. The cow walks with a limp as it immediately falls down. The old man walks like the cow. They resemble each other. The old man drives a rear-cart very slowly as the cow pulls it with, looks not only greatly pleased but also sorrowful in country landscape. A cowbell sound, especially, is felt sadly. Whenever I feel sad, broad Gyeongsang-do dialect of the old lady, the old man’s wife, makes me laugh. She is jealous of the relationship between her husband and the cow so she tells either her hard-luck story or swears about the cow. Finally, the cow dies. I cannot forget the old man said. This is the summary of his mind about the cow. “Even if, this cow is a beast that cannot talk, it is better for me than people.”



 My Sister’s Keeper

By Lee Min-Young, Student Editor

This book is about Anna who was born with the same genes as her sister Kate to save her from a malignant sickness. She gave all she could give to Kate without defying her parents. Suddenly, she sued her parents and refused to donate her blood and kidney. She does not want to sacrifice herself for a million to one chance. The plot of this book is written from several points of view. This helps to understand everyone’s feelings and experiences. If I were Anna, I could not have the courage to declare my intention, but in Sarah’s shoes, I would resent Anna because I would already be too highly stressed out to take care of Kate and her complicated matters. It is a conflict between freedom and dignity of life. The book’s material is very unique and something to think about. I think it would be nice to read and discuss with your friends!




Is It Good to Forecast the Future?

Shadow Trace 

By Heo Si-joon, Tribune Reporter


If you can see the future, what does it feel like? Maybe you dance with joy because you know everything before it comes to, but somebody thinks it differently.
“A Shadow Trace” written by Lee Yeoung-do, is a fantasy novel. There are elves, dragons and humans. Its story deals with a prophecy which is related to the ruin of the world. Before this novel was published, the topic of prophecy has been done several times. For an example, there is a famous SF movie which has the same original name of the novel, “Minority Report.” What should we think while reading this book as it considers the motif ‘prophecy’ from a different standpoint for the first time? It tells us that looking into the future is a violation. That is, nobody should see any other lives come to even if you can do. I affirm that no matter how many you read this novel, it is not boring but joyful. And after that, there are many thoughts to think in the relation of cause and effect, future and humanity.


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