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My Sweet Home
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My Sweet Home

By Jung Su-kyung, Overseas Correspondent



Unlike other students, I chose to live in a shared house. Around 15 other students lived in a cozy two-story house. The house was like a home where everybody got together, cooking each other's food, watching TV, playing billiards, or sometimes just talking all night. "Ummm. Smells funny. What is that?" This was what my housemate, Aeron always told me. Then, I would always say, "This is yummy Korean food, called soybean paste stew. Do you want to try it?" Aeron answered, "No, thanks. I‘ll just have my sandwich." I was brave enough to cook Korean foods such as Kimchi stew, Kimbab and Bulgogi.

 I was busy explaining about Korean foods to my house friends. Some liked it and others did not. I felt happy whenever they had taken an interest in Korean food and culture. I felt closer to them as we shared different stories about us together. One day, my house friend asked me. “Hey, do you want to come with us? We are going to play football.” “I would love to, but I don’t like playing football.” It was surprising for me to experience men asking me to play football together since it would not really happen in Korea unless I am really good at playing football. Why not? I went to play football with them. “Go! Go! Good job!” We cheered each other on, and it was such a great memory I had with my housemates.



The Most Precious Memory

By Kim Hyeon-ji, Foreign Correspondent

anada is the first place where I lived abroad. It does not seem to be easy to adapt to Canadian culture and life and I was expected to live in a homestay. Any student who wants to be an exchange student at the University of Winnipeg (UW) should stay with a homestay family for a few months. It is the policy of UW. I have lived with my homestay family for the whole six months. In the first month, I was very uncomfortable to have supper together and to prepare my lunch box from their fridge although my family members tried to treat me kindly. However, I naturally became accustomed to the mood of my Canadian family. My homestay mother was kind and corrected my pronunciation and expression.

My homestay father was humorous and handsome; he is almost the same as my father in Korea. We discussed social issues such as mad cow disease, the possibility of Obama becoming president, and the relationship between Korea and Canada. I have travelled a lot with them. Some days ago, I went their cottage near the Metigosh River. I swam and took a boat ride in the river with them. It was awesome. They are more than just words to me. I would not feel the marvelous experience if not for them. I came back to Korea just a few days ago and already I miss them. I think they have caused me to have “Reverse Culture Shock”. Thanks to all of my homestay family in Canada for experiencing Canadian culture.




Dormitory, a Small Global Village

By Kim Mi-yeun, Foreign Correspondent


uring the exchange student period, I have lived in a dormitory for foreign exchange students. There are tables and chairs located in the lobby where students can stay and freely talk to each other. The lounge is alive with chatter and laughter every weekend. While living in the dormitory for international students you can experience different cultures from various countries if you want to do. I would like to introduce my friend, Niles. Niles is a German of the same age. We have become friends after I saw him carry Korean instant noodles in the lobby and we smiled at each other. I learned the German language as a second foreign language in my high school.

I can deeply learn German thanks to my friend Niles. We often talked about Korea because Niles did not know that much about Korea. We also visited a Korean restaurant and ate Samgyupsal, Korean-style bacon, and drank Soju once in a while. It has already been one year since I lived at Fudan University dormitory. It is an everlasting memory that I met a person who became my friend by chance in the lobby. And we studied and cooked the food of each country in the kitchen together. Shanghai has become a valuable city, where it is hard to leave before I knew it. I say a final farewell to Shanghai looking forward to my next visit. Zai Jian, Shanghai.



Another School, Hitotsubashi Dormitory

By Lee Ja-yeon, Foreign Correspondent

itotsubashi Dormitory, located in Kodaira-city, is the place where foreign students and Japanese students of Tokyo Gagugei University and Hitotsubashi University live. There is a student council called “ISDAK” in the dormitory. Japanese students of ISDAK take the initiative in helping foreign students’ dormitory life. And they give a banquet and floor meetings. The party is held twice each semester. I could get a chance to make friends with dormitory students from other floors. I met Ina from Sweden in a dormitory party.

Ina is immersed in Korean dramas. When Ina told me of Korean dramas I do not know, I really felt the popularity of the Korean wave in Japan. Ina and I become great friends thanks to the Kimchi my mother sent to me. I knew she likes spicy food. When I gave Kimchi to Ina, she ate it with rice on the scene. She treated me to a Swedish gratin dish called Jansson’s temptation. We visited each other’s room and chatted thereafter. Hitotsubashi Dormitory is place at a foreign university where I met a citizen of the world and kept good company.



The stories of correspondents in China and Japan were translared by Kim Ji-eun, Student Editor

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