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Love for Hockey at University of Winnipeg
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Chonnam Tribune offers information about exchange students’ extracurricular activities through foreign correspondents in this issue. The story of the University of Winnipeg located in is newly introduced. – Ed.

  Love for Hockey at UW

By Kim Hyeon–ji, Overseas Correspondent


This is Winnipeg, located in midwestern . The average temperature at night is about negative 15 degrees Celsius. For this reason, hockey is the most popular winter sport at the University of Winnipeg (UW). UW students take the opportunity to watch ice hockey for free. Last month, I watched a match between the Manitoba Moose with and the Toronto Marlies in a hockey rink. The spectators watched two team’s play with their family and boy/girlfriends. I could see one of my classmates kissing his girlfriend on a big screen located in the middle of the stadium. The majority of couples seemed to be familiar and enjoy the time for kissing. According to my classmates, some people make a bet on the result of the game or special players for fun. I thought it made people more enthusiastic for hockey. After the game finished around 10:00 p.m., most of the spectators go to a bar nearby and losers treat the winners. It was very cold on that day, but I could not feel a chill thanks to their love for hockey. Hockey will be my favorite sport from now on.




Don’t Be Late for Class in FU

By Kim Mi-yeun, Foreign Correspondent




 The students of Fudan University (FU) start a day very early in the morning because many classes begin at 8 a.m.





You probably think this time is too early, but Chinese students take it for granted. All students at FU are not late for the first period class everyday. At first, I was very surprised at this situation because many students have a tendency to be late for class in . Unlike Korean students, Chinese students are not late for class. Some students sometimes are late for class, and most of them are Korean exchange students who are not used to getting up early. It is important for foreign exchange students to adapt themselves to new circumstance in . Moreover, they need to become intimately acquainted with Chinese and other exchange students. FU provides a special program, a Day Trip to Shanghai , for foreign exchange students to be able to fit into FU more effectively. I had fun strolling through the streets and taking pictures in Shanghai . I seem to have gotten used to Chinese culture by participating in the program. This program is very helpful for new exchange students.

 Intensive Sports Course in TGU 

 By Kim Seung-wook, Foreign Corespoendent





There are no midterm examinations at Tokyo Gakugei University (TGU), just like other Japanese Universities. Students have their grades based on their reports and percentage of attendance. Therefore, many students usually spend their time preparing and writing their papers around campus, instead of studying for midterm examinations in a library. I think this system makes students improve academic writing ability with creativity and depth of personal experience in various fields. In addition to this, TGU offers a variety of Intensive Lectures which are mostly sports courses such as swimming, tennis and skiing. Students can take these courses in the summer and winter vacation periods. Many students who take these courses are satisfied with Intensive Lectures. As TGU supports foreign students financially, many foreign students take these courses. I participated in the ski course for four days last winter vacation. The students of the course were divided into seven classes based on their skiing ability. At first I was in the lowest level class, but I could ski well in four days. During this short period, I could improve my skiing ability and made a lot of friends through participating in the intensive ski camp. All of students and professors prepared a show on the final day of the camp, and it was a very impressive experience.




New Sister University : The University of the Philippines




 This summer vacation, about 150 freshmen will be able to get a chance to study English in the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman through the Freshmen Globalization Course. UP is the only National University in the Philippines, founded in 1908 by an act of Philippine Legislature. The University provides tertiary-level education in almost every field, from law, medicine, engineering, political science and other social sciences to public health, natural sciences, agriculture and the humanities. UP was the highest ranked Philippine University in the THES-QS World University Rankings in 2006 and 2007 and the final edition of the Asiaweek's Best Universities in Asia in 2000. UP has the highest number of National Centers of Excellence and Development among all higher education institutions in the country and is one of only three schools in Asia that have received institutional recognition in the Ramon Magsaysay Awards. 

 [I C Bulletin] Gateway to the world - International Education Programs



  If you have a little bit of willingness and interest in new bigger world and broader experience, there are a variety of study abroad programs CNU students can participate in through International Center; such as Exchange student program, Global Internship program, Language Master Program, Freshmen Globalization Course, CCUSA, International Workcamp, Korean University Social Service, Kibbutz Volunteer Program and so on. Each year, about 1,500 students get a chance to go abroad through the above mentioned programs on a supporting scholarship that covers 30~50% of all program expenses. Unfortunately, however, there are not that many students who apply for these programs even though each student can grasp this great opportunity even twice in school days.  As ones who organize and process the programs, we international center staffs want to remind our students of two important things. One is that all of these diverse programs are for YOU our CNU students! And the other is Challenging mind is all needed for improving yourself in the world. Now are you ready to fall into a big world with ambitious and enthusiastic heart? Then it is you who can create a new day in the world! If you have any other queries regarding international programs, please feel free to contact international center at http://international.chonnam.ac.kr.




 *** The stories of correspondents in and were translated by Kwon Ji-hye, Student Editor. (*Kim Seung-wook, Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature, Kim Mi-yeun, Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature, Kim Hyeon–ji, School of Biological Science & Technology)

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