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Passion of M&P전남대학교 음악동아리 M&P
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 Passion of M&P


By Kim Hwa hyun, Guest Reporter


  What kind of music do you like most? You might say Jazz, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Hip Hop, or so on. The Chonnam Tribune recently interviewed a music club, M&P. The basement of Goheung restaurant, which is located behind the Business Administration building, was where we found M&P. The conditions of this location were unfavorable, hot and damp inside. The old stage creaked and the sound system was bad. Moreover, M&P had some expensive musical instruments stolen recently. However, the group’s passion for music makes it seem oblivious to such bad conditions. M&P is short for “Music and People.” It means that music and people who love it can come together. In keeping with its name, anyone who likes music and wants to learn a musical instrument can be a member of M&P.
  Once there was a small singing group in the Business Administration Department in the 1980s. Some members of the group decided to get a new place and established the M&P club in 2001. It is not registered with the CNU Club Union, yet. M&P members have tried many times to register it but the Club Union has said that there is no place for such a music club. Notwithstanding this, they think it better to carry on regardless and enjoy their music in spite of this burden.
  Many music bands prefer a particular music genre, but M&P does not. M&P plays all kinds of music and continually searches for change. When they need more songs to practice, the members are willing to bring new music. It does not matter what kind of genre the music belongs to. If a member likes the song, the member can play the music as s/he wants. M&P members practice from 8 to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday. Outside this regular practice time, members can practice freely at any other time.    
  M&P performs as a band. It’s interesting to note that three of the band’s four members are called Kim Tae-ho. One who plays the guitar, another who is vocalist, and the third who plays the base guitar. Finally, a girl drummer completes the band. They performed on Sept. 15th, 2005 during the leadership camp for high school students and now they are preparing for the Daedong festival at CNU.
  The president of M&P, Kim Tae-ho stated, “Other music band clubs in CNU are in a better condition than us. They can get more support as they have many old-boy members and better equipment compared to M&P. M&P has to endure bad conditions for every performance. However, our popularity is expanding rapidly. Despite the bad conditions, we play music with confidence and we think it’s worthwhile.” He added, “We are looking for a new vocalist. If there is someone who wants to sing and has passion for music, s/he can be a member of M&P.” Whoever meets M&P feels energized with their passion for music. If you want to feel this energy and love of music, visit M&P. Their door is always open. 







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