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              Sylvia Earle: Look in the mirror, figure it out. Go for it*.

From Seaspiracy

* Go for it: It refers to seeking a particular purpose adamantly. It can be used to cheer for someone or boost one’s morale. If there is a person who has a problem landing a dream job, this expression helps him or her keep going.

Seaspiracy is an environmental documentary whose title means conspiracy about the sea. It brings up new factors causing ocean pollution, which are different from the socially accepted idea, microplastic. It has been criticized for its misrepresentation, but it turns out to be true that some environmental organizations are linked to commercial fishing. It focuses on the main cause of polluting the sea without any restrictions. The film also says that we need to try to eat omega three fatty-acid from a direct source or supplement, not from fish, before the government starts prohibiting commercial fishing.

By Lee Da-hyeon, Cub-Reporter


<Reporter’s Review>

Du-jin: This film helped me know more about the seriousness of environmental destruction. We should change our attitudes in our daily life and make precautions to prevent additional problems and carefully deliver assets to our descendants. ★★★☆☆

Ye-rin: This documentary provides information about the environment of the sea that I had never heard before. It was quite shocking that the fishing industry causes lots of serious environmental problems. Although the method of not eating fish seems unrealistic to me, it was worth watching the film in terms of revealing these types of problems. ★★★☆☆

Beom-seo: Showing ugly realism coming straight from the field, this documentary treads a fine line between truth and conspiracy. ★★★☆☆

Milana: The film is about a very serious issue. I knew that there were many marine ecological problems, but after watching it, I realized the huge impact of industrial fisheries on sea life. I hope the documentary makes more people take more care of the environment. We should do that. ★★★★★

Eun-ji: The film shows that only 0.05 percent of marine debris is plastic straws and most of the waste is nets, claiming commercial fishing is the major offender of ocean pollution. It was shocking that the eco-friendly marketing of companies was covering up the truth about marine waste. ★★★☆☆

Ji-u: It would be best to stop consuming seafood, but the real strength comes up when we all pull together. It seems that regulations and laws for the sea are necessary right now. There is no time left for everyone on Earth to become vegetarians. ★★★★☆

Ju-yeon: It was the most shocking and saddest video I have ever seen. Now I realize the seriousness of ocean pollution. I hope more documentaries such as this one will come out and people will have more time to learn about the reality of the environment. We should change our behavior towards the environment together. ★★★★☆

Da-hyeon: I was surprised at the fact that the main factor of marine pollution was not microplastic but equipment for commercial fishing, according to this film. It made me think twice about believing media and eco-labels completely. I reflected on my behavior in the past when I enjoyed going to the zoo and eating marine plants. ★★★★☆

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