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Dick Johnson Is Dead
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▲ Dick Johnson Is Dead

         Kirsten: Dad loved it, too. He had a way of living in the moment.*
                    “I’ve got my heaven,” he would say. “Right here on earth. With all of you.”

From Dick Johnson Is Dead

* To live in the moment: It refers to enjoying one’s life without thinking about the past or future. This expression can be used to dismiss worries or consequences. For example, it can be used like “Instead of worrying about my dentist appointment tomorrow, I’ll live in the moment and eat this piece of cake.”

“Dick Johnson Is Dead” is a documentary film by Kirsten Johnson that focuses on her own father, Richard (Dick) Johnson, who is struggling with dementia. In order to cope with Dick’s deteriorating state, Kirsten launches a project to play out and films various ways in which her father could pass away. She and her father stage violent and comical scenarios for him to die, using props and stuntmen and various professionals all in an effort to come to terms with the underlying grief that will come from Dick Johnson’s ultimate death.


Reporter’s Review

Min-ji: It seemed that Dick himself, his family and neighbors were trying to joyfully prepare for his upcoming memory loss and death by filming his fake death. Even though it was a documentary filming a false death, I was impressed by the scenes where people who realized that his actual death was not far away expressed their sadness, and I sympathized that it was always hard to see the death of a loved one. ★★★☆☆

Ye-rin: I did not imagine the figure of my older self before watching this movie, but the movie made me think of how I will spend my days later when I am old. It also helped me plan how to deal with my death and people close to me. ★★★★☆

Joon-hee: “Dick Johnson Is dead” is a movie in which Director Kirsten Johnson faces the end of her father's death in various ways with him. Beginning with a man's fake death, it goes slowly and naturally, reflecting on Dick Johnson's life and imagining his future. It was touching to feel the director’s love for her father. ★★★★☆

Maja: It was quite a bizarre experience to watch this movie. People deal with death in many different ways, but I have never seen anyone make light of it in this way. I do not think I could have endured watching my own father act out his own death. But still, underneath the spectacle and the dramatics, it is a touching movie about the close relationship between Kirsten and her father, and the difficulties of coming to terms with Dick’s eventual passing. ★★★☆☆

Du-jin: The movie showing an old man dying several times was fascinating. It was confusing from my perspective, but recording one’s life in a video was very touching. We sometimes regret not having enough photos and videos with our family. This movie making heartwarming memories made me look back. ★★★★☆

Seung-hwan: Just like the title, this movie talks about death. It shows how death is inevitable and ultimately gives a message to live in the present moment as best you can. We must know how important the time we are spending right now is. ★★★★☆

Beom-seo: Impending death is a terrifying concept not only to elders but also to their family. But even with dementia, Dick Johnson shows that life is still worthwhile and sweet, just like the chocolate fudge cakes he enjoys. ★★★★★

Milana: This movie is about the whole life of the characters. That is why I was touched by watching many people's minds on the screen. “Dick Johnson Is dead” is not only about life, death, love, and family, but it also shows a long and warm farewell from Johnson to his daughter. ★★★★☆

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