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News of the World
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Simon: Good to lay eyes on* you, Captain.

Jefferson: Hello, Simon. Wonder if I could have a word with you and Mrs. Boudlin.

From News of the World

* Lay eyes on: This expression indicates the meaning of seeing something or meeting with other people. When people do not want to look at someone, they can use this expression, “I do not want to lay eyes on her.”

“News of the World” is a story about the bond between an American war veteran who participated in the Civil War and a Native American girl who became an orphan. The war veteran, “Jefferson” read a newspaper in front of people while traveling across the country. He accidentally found a native girl, “Johanna” and decided to bring her to her relatives. During the journey, the relationship between them grew. This movie is based on the book News of the World by Paulette Jiles, which was inspired by a real story of a 10-year-old boy who was dragged away from his original life and lived for three years with the Native Americans and later rejected the life of white people since he assimilated the life of Native Americans.


<Movie Review>

Min-ji: Unlike nowadays, when we can access the news from any country in real time, people at that time right after the war considered the news, even from a piece of newspaper, very precious. I was impressed by the sincere communication between a young girl and a retired soldier with the scars of the war, even though they did not share the same language. I thought that sympathizing with each other's wounds and caring about each other like family might be what people needed after the war. ★★★★

Ye-rin: It was very interesting that there used to be a job reading the newspaper in front of many people while traveling around the country. The subject about the bond between a war veteran and a Native American girl was fresh to me as well. Through the movie, it was good to experience the circumstances of the Civil War in the United States indirectly. ★★★★

Maja: As a huge fan of historical drama, I loved this movie! Tom Hanks is a great actor and the dynamic between him and Helena Zengel is really moving. It is like a father figure wanting to protect his daughter on a dangerous journey and make sure she ends up in a place where she can live happily. Definitely worth watching! ★★★★★

Joon-hee: The acting of the main character, Tom Hanks, was amazing and I could concentrate while watching the movie with proper tension. ★★★★★

Du-jin: The movie showed America after the Civil War. The scene when they interchanged the language of Americans and Indians made me feel strange. I really liked the feeling of them trying to understand each other, although they lived in a different culture. ★★★

Seung-hwan: Although Captain Jefferson had no connection with Johanna, he shows sincere responsibility while protecting the child. The somewhat instinct of a human to protect a child shown in this movie was astonishing. ★★★

Beom-seo: Even the oldest story feels different with Tom Hanks in it. Some may find that it is too cliché, but this slow-paced western movie that depicts a war veteran protecting a little girl while going town to town and telling news is definitely worth a watch. ★★★

Milana: The movie shows the kindness of one compassionate person, and lets us believe the best in people. While watching this movie, I was worried whether the main characters would arrive at the destination safely or not. I think movies about the relationships between people show us morality; what people need to do to protect someone in their minds and hearts. ★★★★

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