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Where’d You Go, Bernadette
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▲ The poster of Where'd You Go, Bernadette

Bernadette: Look, I know I am not your friend. I’m nobody’s friend. Let’s face it.*
               But when I was running from my house, I thought maybe I could… come here.
               I have nowhere else to go. I do not know anyone in Seattle.

From Where’d You Go, Bernadette

* Let’s face it: It is an idiom meaning that we must accept unpleasant facts and be honest. It is a similar word to ‘frankly’. The expression can be used like ‘Let’s face it. Nothing’s going to change if you do not change.’

“Where’d You Go, Bernadette” is a movie about Bernadette who used to be a famous architect with brilliant ideas. However, going through unexpected troubles, she reforms her life as a mother and a wife. Having a psychologically unstable mind, she runs away from everyone when she gets disappointed in her husband. In the place where she escaped, she finds new light there and feels vital. This movie is based on the book written by Maria Semple which was in The New York Times Best Seller list for 84 weeks.

By Lee Eun-ji, Guest Reporter

Tribune Reporter's Review

Eun-jin: It is about Bernadette's real life. Called a genius, Bernadette seems to be living a perfect life but she is unhappy. While watching this movie, I felt that the quality of life is more important than what others think about my life. It is also important to do what I want to do and to know about myself. ★★★

Min-ji: Unlike when Bernadette was noted as a capable architect in the past, she struggles after the failure of her architecture, but later she focuses on her life through travel and makes a choice for her own happiness. I think that the most important thing to be able to live while having various roles is to make a choice for our own life. ★★★

Ye-rin: Since the circumstances in the movie are familiar, I felt like it can happen anywhere to anyone. The movie gave an opportunity to think about myself seriously as well. Knowing what I truly want is quite important, but it is hard to find out. Through this movie, I will try to focus on myself. ★★★

Maja: The movie has a really interesting concept and setting, but I feel like some of the characters are too weak. The lead actress, Cate Blanchett, is amazing as Bernadette and portrays the character’s struggles with agoraphobia really well, so it is sad to see the rest of the movie cannot follow her lead. ★★

Joon-hee: When I first heard the title, I thought it would be boring, but watching the movie, I was surprised by the actors' acting skills and the story was solid and touching. ★★★

Seung-hwan: This movie shows how important self-realization is. It made me think of parents who stopped their career due to parenting. Like Bernadette did, I honestly hope those parents rediscover what they really want to do. ★★★★

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