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The World of Digital Minimalism
von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 기자  |  m.vonbruun@gmail.com
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승인 2020.06.03  09:34:02
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▲ A group of friends busy using their smartphones / Photo: iStock

    Today’s world is ruled by the Internet. This is why we always have to be aware of the risks of using our smartphones too much. It does not only hurt your eyes, but it can also affect your mental health by impairing your ability to concentrate. In order to encourage the reduction of time spent in the virtual world, the concept of digital minimalism was born.

What Is Digital Minimalism?
    Digital minimalism is the effort of minimalizing the use of digital services and devices. The term became popularized by American professor and author Cal Newport. According to him, we can significantly improve our lives by reducing the time we spend online and only access the Internet for things that directly affect us. It is not about throwing away your smartphone, but about using only the applications and services you find absolutely necessary in your daily life. By doing this, you will spend less time on your phone, and instead focus more on the world around you.
    There are several benefits that come with being a digital minimalist. Some are health benefits such as improving the quality of your sleep and boosting your ability to concentrate. But the most impressive benefit of digital minimalism is that it can largely improve one’s lifestyle. You may think that you would be bored if you stopped using your phone, but therein lies your opportunity to do things you would otherwise consider yourself too busy for.

▲ Creating a physical distance between you and your smartphone

How Can I Be a Digital Minimalist?
    The philosophy of digital minimalism says that the time spent online should not be a habit, but rather an intentional activity that we consciously partake in. It may sound challenging to suddenly stop using applications and online services completely, so you can try doing it step by step. Let us have a look at a few examples of how you can limit the amount of time spent online: Instead of using your phone or Kindle to read books, take a walk to your nearest library and search for the books you want to read. Not only is it better for your eyes, but it also gives you an excuse to go out and get some fresh air! When you experience something funny or interesting, call your friend and ask if they want to meet you instead of telling them over Kakao Talk. I bet your friend would be happy to hear that suggestion, too!
    By doing things like this, you may realize that the applications are not really that important to you after all, and end up deleting them for good. At the end of the day, reducing the time you spend on your phone can only be a good decision. We might reply to our friend’s text message a little later than usual, but with so much of our world to see and enjoy, would it not be worth it?

By Maja Elisabeth von Bruun, Tribune Reporter

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