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The Favourite
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▲ A poster of "The Favourite"

Sarah: I will say this plainly and once, my dearest one. 
You must send Abigail away. From my heart*, Mrs Morley. Do it.
Anne: I do not want to.
Sarah: She is a viper.

From The Favourite

*From one’s heart: It adds the meaning of ‘very sincerely or deeply’ and is usually used as ‘from the bottom of one’s heart.’

 “The Favorite” is a historical movie featuring England’s Queen Anne and two women, Sarah and Abigail, trying to gain the favor of the queen in the 18th century. It shows people’s greed and jealousy when it comes to power. The movie was nominated in 9 categories and the movie had 10 nominees in the 2019 Academy Awards held on February 24, and Olivia Colman who performed as Queen Anne won the Best Actress award for her role in the movie.

By Lee Eun-ji, Student Editor

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