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American Students Learning Korean Language at CNU전남대 언어교육원, CLS 한국어 프로그램 4년 연속 운영
Khamdamova Nigina 기자  |  niginanagina@gmail.com
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승인 2018.07.11  12:02:28
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▲ CLS students and LEC members after the opening ceremony and orientation on June 9  ⓒ CNULEC 

     American students are learning Korean language at the Chonnam National University Language Education Center. The center hosts an intensive Korean language program for American students who received a Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) for four years in a row. In this year, 26 students have been taking Korean lectures for four hours during weekdays from June 9. During eight weeks of studying Korean language, they have strong restrictions to use other languages and also take part in cultural classes twice a week, outdoor excursions and cultural experiences. Dr. Megan Beard, Resident Director, said, “With this program, students have opportunities of cultural understanding through activities like K-pop dancing class, taekwondo and traditional crafts classes. Moreover, each student put into homestay with Korean families from the local community.” 
     One of the CLS student Drew Limpasnven said, “The main purpose of coming here is learning Korean language in Korean speaking atmosphere as I can’t learn it in non-Korean speaking environment. So, I need to learn Korean because of my master’s degree. I am planning to create a Korean-English and English-Korean translator App. I hope I will make learners easy to learn both languages.” On the other hand, Harold Surh Jr.’s expectations from this program is learning Korean language better and deepening his knowledge of Korean culture. “I had big curiosity of Korean life, like how they live and their traditions. I hope I will learn more from this CLS program.”
     The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs operates the CLS program to expand the number of Americans studying 14 critical foreign languages. CNU was designated as an only institution which is responsible for the CLS  Korean program in 2015.

By Khamdamova Nigina, Tribune Reporter

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