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Tribune as a Cultural Bridge Among Students
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승인 2018.06.07  09:25:01
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The Chonnam Tribune Assessment Committee discussed the previous issue of the magazine on April 9. Two committee members expressed their opinions and put forward some suggestions to Tribune editors on this page. - Ed.

▲ Tak Woo-song, Sophomore, Dept. of Mathematics

     After reading this No.349 Tribune, I was very impressed with some of the content. First, the color of the Desk Column was good. Because March is in spring when all living things were born, the green color harmonizes with spring very well. Then, in Cover Story, I could learn about various kinds of extracurricular programs on campus. Honesly speaking, I think those programs related to students’ extracurricular activities are giving many more important oppurtunities for students to maxmize their potential. Thus this article was very helpful. In the last part, it seems Reporter’s Sketch appeared for the first time in the Tribune. This topic was ”Chaesang” meaning a bamboo handcraft. I had not heard of Chaesang, I knew it was a Korean traditional culture. I thought it would be a double edged sword because many foreigners would not be able to understand that. But frequent introductions about Korean traditional cultures in this way would be helpful for foreigners to understand Korea. And the purpose of general content was for foreign and new students, so many students will be able to get a lot of information from the previous No.349 Tribune.

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