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How to Create Social Value Through Consumption
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승인 2018.05.11  17:36:06
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▲ A student writing on the postcards named “Blooming their hopes with you” that produced by using pressed flowers of two comfort women victims / A bracelet and badges aiming to raise awareness of comfort women

    Nowadays, consumption trends have changed. Buying goods based on social value directly connected with supporting those in needs as well as raising awareness of social issues is becoming a new trend. Some non-profit foundations or fundraisers also use meaningful designs or installations to draw potential consumers’ attention such as offering rewards to make them feel good. For people who currently want to engage in social value-added consumption trends, here are some ways to join in.
    You might remember the one celebrity who wore a rubber bracelet on a TV show. The bracelet gained attention because it was not an ordinary one—it was a “Blooming Bracelet”, the profit from the sale of which would be automatically contributed to the victims of sexual slavery by the Japanese military. Moreover, it was surely a worthwhile thing since a consumer could respond to social issues through buying the goods. In the same way, Marimond, WWF, Heeum, New:Kit and many others sell various kinds of goods from trendy accessories to smartphone cases which can help others for a better society. 

▲ Bracelets, a badge and stickers related to a saving animals campaign

    Recently, social crowdfunding sites have also become a popular way for producing and selling products for campaigns to make our society a better place. Tumblebug and Wadiz are the representative rewards-based platforms. Consumers can push some creators’ ideas and projects regarding environmental protection and endangered animals by supporting them financially. They can receive certain types of rewards such as T-shirts with short slogans. In that sense, the aspects of “Meaning out” made meaningful ways to the fancy and fun social trend of inviting people to join in.

By Oh Hee-soo, Guest Reporter

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