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Eureka! Two Suggestions for Tribune
임형윤, 경제학과 4학년생  |  tribune1968@cnumedia.com
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승인 2018.03.26  13:53:38
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▲ Im Hyeong-yun, Senior, Dept. of Economics

    My opinions in this review about the last Tribune magazine are going to be separated into three categories; design, contents, and composition. At first, this magazine’s design was neat so that I could read it comfortably thanks to a neutral color. I liked it because of the unification and cohesion of colors and the style of the writing. It gave me a fresh and clean feeling. Second, I was satisfied with the contents about social issues; from the desk column to the general students’ opinion section, I got some interesting information and a foreign student’s opinion on a certain phenomenon in a certain country. It was also good that I listened to opinion leaders’ thoughts on campus. Finally, the issue covered various topics from heavy and tricky issues to easy and interesting ones. This consisted of information and opinions and the component ratio of information to opinion looked proper. I was very content with the 348 issue. Nevertheless, I want to recommend something for the Tribune. I think that it would be better to have a pros and cons article on a certain issue in the ‘Howdy, CNUians?’ page. It could give diverse opinions and perspectives to readers, who could get balanced opinions on a topic. In addition, I want to read more pages that are interesting like Ketchup–Movie. These are my suggestions for the Tribune. At last, I want to say, “Thank you and I would like to express my respect for the passion and effort of the Tribune reporters.“

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