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Places for International and Domestic Students
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There are places in and outside campus where international and Korean students can meet and spend time together. Why don’t you visit these places with your new friends? If you don’t have any new friends, don’t worry. You can make some new ones there!

▲ A lounge located on the basement floor of G&R Hub

Vital Place for International Students: G&R Hub Lounge
Many international students go to G&R Hub building since the Office of International Affairs (OIA), which takes care of most of the international students’ work, is there. Besides the OIA work, many students spend time at a lounge located on the basement floor of G&R Hub since they take language courses there. There are tables and chairs for students to have a rest. Nozima Yuldasheva (Sophomore, Faculty of Economics, Uzbekistan) who works at OIA said, “Most of the time when I visit there, students are discussing something, talking to each other, just sitting on a sofa and having a rest, or taking pictures before and after the language courses.” There you can see people from different countries. If you want to make new friends with many people from various nations, visit there and have a small chitchat with them.

▲ Loft28 in the back-gate area of CNU

Home Away from Home: Loft28
In the back-gate area of CNU, there perches Loft28, a restaurant that does not follow normal Korean trends. Not only limited to foods, its service style is very similar to ones in Canada. Many international and Korean students visit there as the staff speak Korean, English, and Spanish, which makes everyone feel comfortable like a ‘home away from home’. Unlike in a normal Asian community where it is quite strange for strangers to speak to each other, the atmosphere of the restaurant enables people to interact with each other and make friends. “We want everyone to open their minds and have fun with us,” said Kim Jun-young, the owner of the restaurant. It is a place where students feel like one family together regardless of their nationality.

By Lee Eun-ji, Student Editor

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