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Baby Steps into the MOOC World
이은지 기자, Arpita N. Srinidhi 기자  |  eunjithai@naver.com
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     The Chonnam Tribune introduces four MOOC lectures to you about certain subjects that everyone can be interested in. Why don’t we jump into the K-MOOC World?

▲ K-MOOC website in Korean

    The “Science of Persuasion” offered by Sungshin Women’s University tries to help learners understand persuasion situations scientifically. Nowadays, it is an age of persuasion. In this lecture they will talk about various principles of persuasion so that other people have the same opinions as us. By learning to think of persuasion in everyday life critically and to raise our ability to persuade others, we can strengthen our capabilities as democratic citizens. Anyone who is interested in persuasive skills in our everyday life can take this course!

    The “Color Leadership” offered by Sungkyunkwan University focuses on the individuality and strength of each person. It will talk about concepts and cases of the leadership in seven colors- red as a savant leadership, orange as a brand leadership, yellow as a side leadership, green as a power leadership, blue as a super leadership, navy as a vision leadership, purple as a transforming leadership. The lecture will open on November 6 and will close on December 22.
    The “Understanding Korean Politics” offered by Yonsei University is a course which aims to discuss six outstanding issues in contemporary Korean politics and will engage in an in-depth, interactive inquiry of these, which include Korean politics in history, institutional setting of Korean politics, dynamics of political culture, etc. The course also seeks to expose students to contending theories and empirical reality first hand. The learners can grasp the most salient and timely aspects of Korean politics, such as placing South Korean politics in comparative perspectives and renewing their genuine interests in Korea and Korean politics among others.

    The “Cultural Psychology” course offered by Inha University seeks to examine the theoretical and scientific foundations of cultural psychology by premising the course on the scientific foundation of modern psychology articulated by Wilhelm Wundt. It will then outline the development of cultural psychology by reviewing the physical, biological and cultural sciences traditions. It will also examine the influence of ecology, and of cultural adaptation of subsistent economies (hunter gatherer societies and agricultural societies), of cultural change and transformation (renaissance, industrialization and modernization).

    The “Gender, Family and Social Change in Contemporary South Korea” offered by Yonsei University is a course examining the transformation of Korean society beginning around the turn of the 20th century to contemporary times. In particular, it explores how shifting categories of masculinity, and by contrast, femininity have impacted upon, and in turn been influenced by social, cultural, and political change with special attention to historical, transnational and transdisciplinary connections. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes and projects.

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