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Global and Music Themed Cafés around Campus
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 수습기자  |  s.nasrin97@gmail.com
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승인 2017.08.31  11:26:04
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     Student culture, basically, encompasses everything students do during their student lives. It influences students’ lives in diverse ways. Student life is supposed to be vibrant, active, social and more connected than ever. These all are the key points of student culture activities. To be engaged outside of the classroom, to make friends and to exercise talents, there are different places in the surrounding areas. To try new pursuits, you could pay a visit to themed cafés around campus. Although they are not really a new thing in Korea it is obvious that these cultural outlets are helping to build up the cultural mindset among students. On its way to be a global campus, CNU is emerging its student culture in a various way. These nearby places are definitely playing vital roles in this silent cultural revolution.

▲ Loft 28, situated near the CNU back gate area

Loft 28: Fusion of East and West
     Loft 28, situated near the CNU back gate area has become a hub of sharing global culture among students. Known as a “Home Away From Home”, Loft 28 is popular among both international and Korean students. Craig Anthony Cha-Fong from Jamaica, one of the cooperators of the business said, “It is beautiful to see everyone from different races, backgrounds, religions, and countries come together in our home and get along so well.” Loft 28 introduced a popular “Escape Room” culture from the West for the first time in Korea. Apart from introducing pop cultures to the young generation of Gwangju, they also arrange Open Mic Night and Latina Dance Lessons. Open Mic Night encourages everyone to grab the mic and sing in front of an audience with a friendly atmosphere. In addition, Loft 28 offers a weekly Latina Dance Lesson for a reasonable price. Joshua Alexander Wright, well known for his dance skills, is the friendliest dance teacher. Loft 28 is also a good place to exchange languages with friends.

▲ Eumagae, near the business administration and humanities departments

Eumag-ae: Place to Speak with Music
     Near the business administration and humanities departments, widely known as the Sangdae area, there is another café named Eumag-ae. As you can guess by the name, the theme of this café is classical music. For any music lover, this café could be described as heaven. The café is well decorated with several musical instruments like violins, pianos, and guitars. Customers are encouraged to play any instrument they want. The collection of LPs along with modern CDs is quite enviable. While talking with a CNU student, Kim Ji-hoon (Junior, Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Studies) said, “This is my first time here. When I entered, the interior design really impressed me. I noticed the bills from all around the world hanging on the wall. The barista told me that they were the currencies from around the world featuring musicians.” Unlike most other cafés around the campus, this one is more popular among professors. Kim Ji-hoon also mentioned he once listened older people’s talking about music in this musical environment, which was a very different experience for him.

By Syeda Shamima Nasrin, Tribune Reporter

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