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Are You a Politics Buff?
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    People usually think politics is difficult and unrelated to their daily lives. However, politics affects every aspect of our lives. It is the reason we should care about politics and get involved in political activities. The first step towards a true democratic society is for people to participate in ‘small’ politics. Make your daily life political and improve your own rights as a citizen of Korean society! The Chonnam Tribune will now introduce several websites of political organizations.

Test Yourself with an 11-question Quiz
    Ask yourself to figure out if you are a politics buff. After reviewing your answers, do you get the sense of being a political enthusiast? If you answer "yes" to eight or more of these questions you may be a politics buff.
1. Do you first read media articles on political issues?
2. Did you cast your ballots in the previous elections?
3. Have you participated in candlelight vigils more than two times?
4. Have you posted a photo or a comment about politics on social media?
5. Have you made donations to a political party?
6. Do you tend to search law amendments related to you?
7. Can you understand political news articles without searching for related materials?
8. Do you know who the floor leader of each political party is?
9. Do you know the name of the National Assembly member for your region?
10. Can you explain Park Geun-hye Gate to friends?
11. Do you know each presidential candidate’s campaign promises in the 2017 presidential election?


Simple Ways to Influence Politics in Your Daily Life

National Assembly Minutes: Here is how you can easily keep an eye on the political and legislative activities of your regional National Assembly member at your home. Every member’s statements are posted on the site. (likms.assembly.go.kr/record)
Politics Support Center: If you want to make a donation to a particular politician, you can access the center site and directly make a deposit to an individual donation account. (www.give.go.kr)
National Election Commission: If you want to propose your own bill and argue about government policies, use this website or join online at the website a political party you support. (www.nec.go.kr)

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