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Institutions to Enhance Students’ Experience
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승인 2016.03.21  17:35:27
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     It is important that students experience many things to carve out a better future. Many students do not have opportunities to do various activities. The main reason for this is that students do not get enough information about institutions which offer those kinds of chances. How can students take part in diverse events? Here are two institutions for students that provide various programs.

CNU Entrepreneurship Education Center
     CNU Entrepreneurship Education Center (CNUEEC) promotes various programs to students who have passion for start-up. This center not only helps students build their own business plan but also helps to improve their creativity. Main programs are Self-Directed Creativity-Upgrade Program (SCP), Sales Competitive Exhibition and the Idealize-Up Program (IUP).
     SCP has a course which educates students to come up with creative ideas and gives advice for better plans. Students who are interested in making their own brand, or are looking for a job or preparing for a competitive exhibition, can earn high-quality business plans and professional licenses that can be used internationally. If students participate in the program, they can make their own story about foundation or employment.
     At the Sales Competitive Exhibition, each participating team sells a same product for a certain period of time after they are taught about sales marketing. At the final screening, the panel of judges chooses the winner and gives an award. As students sell products by themselves, they learn creative marketing strategies, partnership for team projects, improve their sales ability and it strengthens their capacity for starting a new company.
     IUP is an acceleration step to shape students’ ideas in detail. This program is the next step of SCP, therefore, only students who have completed SCP can participate in this program. In the program, they make a design more specifically and product by using a 3D printer under mentoring.
     Park Jae-sung, a head of the center said, “It is necessary for the students to secure problem solving skills through various experiences beyond passive education. So, the authorities are focusing on developing students’ creative abilities by using a special program in addition to their regular courses.” He added, “Through completing these programs, students who have extraordinaire creativity, become more talented. As a result, students would have the power to do their own business or get a job.”

Gwangju Youth Center: The Forest
     The forest is a platform for youth cooperation and innovative activities to change Gwangju. This institution provides many programs and rooms for youths. The rooms can be reserved through the website. Youth Challenge Service gives youths direct opportunities to solve social problems in Gwangju, and also provides chances to make diverse projects themselves and utilize them to improve the facilities of Gwangju. Also, the Asian Community Program helps Asian students communicate with each other through talk shows. In the Anseung Machum Program, young people who want to be a one-day instructor can make their own syllabus and give lessons to other people. There are opportunities for young people to debate on youth policy with other organizations. Jeong Mo-eum, a team member of the center said, “These days, there is not enough space for young people to do what they want. So, I hope more and more people feel free to stop by “The Forest” to join these programs and enjoy their time.”

By No Ga-hyun, Tribune Reporter

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