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Are You Letting Your Heart Sing?
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승인 2016.03.11  16:10:12
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▲ Hong Man-seop, main character of "The King of Jokgu"

    “Youth never returns.” What comes to your mind when you hear this? We want to enjoy our youth and to realize our dreams. But, look around you, how many students have passion to make their real dreams come true? Sadly, students do their best to earn good grades and think of what makes good specs. Some of them prepare for a civil service exam because of the stability that public officials have. They choose stability rather than choosing a challenge. “The King of Jokgu” critically portrays the reality of Korean college students who are hapless and hopeless in a romantic comedy style.
    The film is about a male college student who returns to school after military service for two years. The main character “Man-seop” really likes to play jokgu, Korean sepaktakraw. But when he returns to school after completing military service, he finds out that the school’s jokgu court has disappeared. His seniors advise him that he should prepare for a civil service exam, getting good grades and a high TOEIC score. However, he says to them that he wants to play jokgu on campus and have romantic relationships with girls.” He continuously redoubles his efforts to play jokgu with building a jokgu court at the school. Also, he works hard to go out with the school’s beauty queen. Everyone asks Man-seop what jokgu is to him. He answers, “It is an enjoyment.” These days, most students cannot afford to find something that makes them feel enjoyment. It takes courage to try to do it. This is what the movie wants to tell the “youth”. The funny, ironic, athletic film, with a spark of romance, “The King of Jokgu” reignites all the youthful passion lost in everyday life.

▲ The poster of "The King of Jokgu"

    Then, why do young people look for a secure financial position rather than their real dreams? From entering university, we have stepped into the wrong path. Most of us choose our major without understanding what kind of job we want to get. We try to choose our career near graduation. We run so fast till the end of the 12-year race to be a university student. We never learn to slow down during 12 years of learning. Another reason is that we work to get food and housing, not for emotional satisfaction. We cannot afford our emotional pleasure in this hectic society, therefore social changes are fundamental solutions for the problem in our society.
    Remember the message that this movie gives you. “Do what you really want!” What is your dream? Look back upon the past. It might be difficult to do something that you want to do in an atmosphere where many other friends are studying for the public official exams or struggle to get into a big company for financial stability. You might be understandably nervous because of the unemployment crisis. But do not be swallowed up by such a movement. Listen to the songs that your heart sings. Listen to what your heart really wants to do and do it.

By Lee Kyeong-ryun, Tribune Reporter

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