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Daein Art Market: an Art Trip to the Market
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▲ An entrance of the Welcome Center in Daein Art Market

     What is the first thing that comes to mind when foreigners hear about the Daein Art Market? As it sounds like a place for art, they probably think the market sells various artworks. They are correct but it is not exactly what they would expect. This market is a combination of a traditional market and the art that market traders and artists collaborate in order to revitalize the market. It is decorated with interesting murals and young artists residing in the market exhibit their works of art unlike other traditional Korean markets. At the night market there are diverse cultural programs including busking and dance performances. Visitors can have a cultural and artistic experience by enjoying a traditional market. Let’s go into the market with this Tribune Reporter.

▲ The stationery shop called ‘Memories’ selling some snacks and toys

Young Shop Owners and Must-go Places
     Daein Art Market has several young merchants’ stores sponsored by a young merchant promotion project. They sell some food and provide interesting and unique experiences for people such as making their own poetry or fruit drinks and enjoying street performances. Firstly, you can visit the stationery shop called ‘Memories’ that sells some snacks and toys that were sold in the past. Lee Du-hyeong, the stationery shop owner, says that old stationery is really special for people because it makes people feel nostalgia. If you are thirsty, you can go the beverage shop ‘The Fruits’, which is really unique because Seo Su-hyeong, the owner of the shop, makes juices with fallen or ugly but still delicious fruits. At the shop, you can make your own beverage by yourself. According to the person at the welcome center in the market, the purpose of this project is that young merchants can make a unique market and change the atmosphere of the old traditional market into a new art market. All of the young merchants are not always in their shop since some of them are students so they have to go school, and some of them are busy studying about new items. They really love their work. 

▲ A flower stand in the Dain Art Night Market

     There are several different kinds of shops to enjoy. CAFÉ DE MINT is a story café where people can experience a variety of things such as getting a foot bath, learning calligraphy and making cups. You can make your own necklaces or rings with friends or lovers in a metal craft workshop. It would be a gorgeous experience for you. Besides, you can enjoy various delicious foods in the market. There are some restaurants that sell fermented skate and steamed pork slices served with Kimchi. These foods are famous in GwangJu but some people do not like them because of the odor of ammonia. Rice soups are really delicious foods to try. There are diverse rice soups such as a sundae rice soup and a pork rice soup. The price is also rational so you have to try the rice soups.

Daein Art Night Market
     Daein Art Night Market is one of the unique features of the market and one of the biggest festivals in Gwangju. If you want to find some places for dating or to introduce special places to people who visit Gwangju, this reporter definitely recommends the night market. It is a big event regularly held on the fourth Friday and Saturday of every month from June to October. Young artists exhibit their artworks and visitors can purchase their works. Old merchants sell some delicious foods. What can you buy if you have only 1000 won? In here, you can eat Korean dishes, traditional noodles and donuts with the money. Amazing isn’t it? Besides, almost 150 teams joined this night market to sell a variety of goods such as handmade cookies or soaps. Some people sell their techniques like drawing caricature and making bookmarks to people. Moreover, there is a small concert and an auction. In the auction, people purchase some items that were made or painted by the young merchants. 

▲ Many sellers and customers in the Daein Art Night Market

     According to reports, almost 10,000 people visited this night market on one day in 2014. Most people who visited the night market were really satisfied. Noh Min-young (Sophomore, Dept. of English Language Education) said, “I really enjoyed the night market. I had a lot of delicious foods and I bought many beautiful goods.” This Tribune reporter met two university students who draw people’s face and write some famous quotes in the picture. One of them said, “I had really a good experience and I was so happy that all the people liked my drawing.” A lot of teams joined this night market and all the people said it made them really happy and that they had a good time. Also, there are some people who took pictures of their memories and upload them on their SNS to share their good memories with their friends and family. Visitors should be careful about the time because the night market opens for four days per a month, so you should check the schedule in advance.

Best Way to Look around the Market
     Daein Art Market is like a museum about traditional markets and art. If you first visit this Daein Art Market, you will have a lot of questions to ask. You can visit the Welcome Center. There, you can take a rest and to get some information about where to go and what to see. The staff members provide the map of the market and tell some good information to visitors. This center is open during 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. How about visiting this market with your family, friends or lover? This Reporter hopes that more people will visit this place and get some valuable memories so that the traditional market would be revived.

By Choi Su-in, Tribune Reporter

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