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My Old Friend, JoeFilm Review: Tae Jun-seek’s “Sage Solutions”
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승인 2014.09.25  16:10:11
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This is about him, Joe.

   Joe has been well known to everyone since before I was born. I do not remember exactly when I saw him for the first time at the front door of my house. At that time, I did not pay any attention to who he was. As time goes by, I can figure out what kind of person he is.
   What does he do? His job is a sort of writing and public speaking. His work has been diffused throughout this nation, which means you have already read his work before.
   His specialty area is the framing of politics and Joe’s favorite hobby is witch-hunting. A victim could be anyone, even a former president. Until the victim drops on his or her knees, Joe makes the public swear and condemn him or her in an illogical way. If the Witch stands longer than Joe expects, his or her vulnerable family will become the target of the attack. Quite frankly, everybody in South Korea is within Joe’s range. He has already established good fame and strong fortresses all over the place. How dare do anyone attack Joe?
   Joe always is hailed as the major voice of every community because his speech and writing are recognized as a leading source for society for a long time. It does not really matter that his view is right or wrong. It is just necessary to exert his influence on the people. Seriously, my next-door neighbor and other neighborhoods have been exposed to Joe over time. This is a serious tragic curse that really hurts us being controlled by him. Unfortunately, some people support Joe and think that he is such a good friend but he never really is.
    His real circle of friends includes corrupt politicians, large enterprises, and construction companies that can satisfy his greed. Joe demands money in return for paying tribute of praise to his friends through public manipulation. Who is Joe’s best friend? The best and most proud company and our ‘another family,’ Samsung! According to Joe, Samsung is never wrong and is just an eternal truth. If it is possible to be parasitic on the corporation, Joe can do whatever the rich want. Whatever those rich people have done wrong, Joe has appealed to the people for mercy and sometimes urges the public to do it. Then the public naturally becomes obedient to him and his friends, the rich criminals.
   Why can’t we resist them? It is because we all get infected and contaminated by money. In capitalism, the poorer people are, the weaker their power is. Especially, as long as society does not overcome Neo Liberalism, this situation never gets better. But the real problem is there are still a number of old age and conservative groups who support Joe. I call them ‘real slaves,’ and believe that they have a blind belief. The elderly group is the longest witness to what he did to our society but yet they still trust him. Although Joe is breaking social ethics and conscience, the public cannot recognize whether Joe is friend or foe.
   Joe is a real devil who has attacked us so many times. How can we give him the damage back? The documentary film “Sage Solutions” directed by Tae Jun-seek can be one of a few steps to execute the mission. The film director has sent a big and strong message to us. The most important thing is ‘truth.’ Did you forget? We are all living in a democratic country and have a right to know the truth. This is a clear reason why we can fight him to the bitter end. Let’s react to it!
   From the beginning, I should have told you earlier what his full name is. His family name is Joong-Dong. Now, are you familiar with him?

By Kim Dae-hwan, Guest Reporter

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