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Tips to help you Live a Meaningful University Life
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1. Check the Notice Board Frequently. CNU offers a lot of opportunities such as a scholarship system or an exchange student program for students. But keep in mind that these opportunities are only available for students who are aware of them. You can see this information on the notice board on the CNU main homepage or on the bulletin boards for each department. Do not miss the valuable opportunities that the university offers.

2. Build Healthy Relationships with Various People. A campus is an optimal place for you to communicate with various people including foreign students as well as domestic people. Classmates, seniors and professors are good guides who can help you map out your life. The relationships you build with colleagues at the university can be developed into more serious ones in your life. Be sincere to all people and try to build deep and genuine relationships.

3. Find a Way to Please Yourself. Think about what gives you great pleasure. When you are stressed out from studying or relationships, you need something to release stress. It can be exercising, traveling, or even falling in love with someone. No matter how hard it is you can find your own way to relax and be happy..

4. Make a Plan and Practice It. Organizing time for your daily goals will help you to reach your long term goals. In your diary, write your daily plans however small they may seem. Using a checklist can be effective in determining priorities when you are tempted by many situations, for example drinking with friends or studying. When you finish your day, you can be introspective of yourself by reading your diary.

5. Participate in Various Extracurricular Activities. Varied extracurricular activities are waiting for you! You can do volunteer work in many places, join a mentoring program and explore overseas. Or you can sign up for various clubs related to your hobbies, study or religion. It will also be worthy of your time to participate in a contest or a youth internship program related to your future career.

6. Be Knowledgeable about Social Issues. Read a newspaper rather than killing your time watching TV, like soap operas. Newspapers can give you some insight of the overall world about politics, economics, and so on. As undergraduate students who are the future of Korea, you have the responsibility of recognizing social issues and confidently stating your perspective about them.

By Lee Da-hye, Tribune Reporter

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