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승인 2013.12.09  14:37:14
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

   In the previous issue, the Chonnam Tribune reported the escalating difficulties of finding a job and the history textbook controversy. I found the newspaper editors’ ability to choose topics concerning both social issues and university education to be outstanding. Its dedication to being a global paper by covering issues from all over the world was also exceptional. I have also noticed an increase in the number of foreign students and professors being interviewed. This is a very crucial matter for university newspapers.
   Having a monthly English newspaper is important for domestic students to pursue English education and to keep foreign students up to date on campus news. Of course, it should seek not only to improve its technical aspects but also to diversify its contents. It is a great merit to the Chonnam Tribune that it is completely written in English. The tone in the newspaper is free and far from the stiff formal attitude of Korean newspapers. In other words, focusing only on delivering facts is not making the most out of the strengths of the journalists. Plus, university papers should have more character. Sometimes, reporters’ opinions and thoughts are also needed.
   The courage to make bold decisions to handle sensitive issues and presenting a reporter's own opinion is clearly essential. Otherwise, the Chonnam Tribune will attract criticism because the newspaper is ‘typed’ only in English for its readers. How about articles that can appeal to the hearts of readers instead of old-fashioned ideas and interviews? A rolling stone gathers no moss. A vigorous, unconventional and outspoken approach is required for the Chonnam Tribune since it is the sole English newspaper at CNU.

By Park Young-hoon, Senior, Dept. of Laws

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