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Luci Falls in Love with TaiwanChallenge for No Regret
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승인 2013.11.28  16:58:34
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲Tawainese students and  Oh Jee-hyun (right) are posing for a picture during a Korean class at Fu Jen Catholic University.

     I started life as an exchange student at Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU), Taiwan from last September. And it is already November. As many people say, ‘Time goes fast’, nowadays I agree with this a lot. For three months, like a SUMMER DREAM, I did lots of things, met good friends and experienced precious things. Before coming to Taiwan, I decided myself to try what I could not do in Korea.
     First thing that I tried is Join Guitar Club. In every beginning of semester, here in FJU, big club association booths are held. In order to learn how to play a guitar and meet new friends, I joined the guitar club, also I bought a guitar. Every Monday lunch time I take guitar class. Moreover I participated in BBQ party and guitar performance party as club gathering.
     Second is Korean Tutoring. Fu Jen University offers Cross-cultural Program which international students become teacher, so teach their own mother language and culture to local students. By checking e-mails well from OIA (Office of International Affairs) in FJU, I could apply this program on time. On every Wednesday and Thursday, for an hour, I teach Korean and introduce Korean culture such as life of college students, sports, TV shows and so on. Even though preparing teaching materials every class is not easy sometimes, thanks for the students’ active participation, I find worth teaching. In every time when I ask my students about Korean society, such as dramas, songs or even dialects, they answer so well. That make me so surprised and I really feel the power of Korean culture and how its influence so powerful is.
    Actually, compare with my life in Korea, there is no big difference in my FJU life. But I did and do my best not to regret when I go back to Korea. Although the life in Taiwan is like somewhat Short Dream, I just want to live and act as another ME, doing whatever I want. This is it!

By Oh Jee-hyun, Overseas Correspondent

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