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Have You Wanted to Live in Another Life?
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승인 2012.04.09  14:53:30
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Have You Wanted to Live in Another Life?
By Jang Da-hye, Guest Reporter
'If I got a new life...'
Perhaps, most of us have thought about it at least once in our lifetime. We are living in the real world but at the same time we live at one moment from reality with dreaming blue-sky thinking. “Ben”, main character of The Pig Picture by Douglas Kennedy, is a hotshot lawyer. With wealth, he has a beautiful wife and two lovely sons. It is a thought that he is a perfect husband and father on paper. But he always dreams of a photographer's life and wants to run away from the condition. A brief dip into the book, Ben and his wife started to become estranged from one another several years ago. Furthermore, she cheated on “Gary”, a photographer.
The story started in earnest when Ben killed Gary, and got a Gary's name. However, Gary - I mean to say 'Ben' - was subject to death. In the end, he got his 3rd new name, “Endy”. Endy had a lovely wife and a cute son, Jon. Ironically, Endy often missed Ben. I had a strange sensation. Ben had what he had strived to be. He was free from ting and boring. Then, is it a story with a happy ending, or the contrary one? Nothing, what I guess. The final chapter on his life is still not written. Even if the name would be changed, his life would return where he came in. Ben would have to start again in Endy’s life. The situation would be repeated without change except name.
Like Ben, many people are dreaming of a new life. When they get a new life, however, they are still dreaming of another one.  Having finished reading, I did not know why it made me feel like crying. I was unhappy with my present condition, always complained, and wanted better life without any plans. In casing rainbow, there is nothing to be gained by doing so. But now I know I have to be grateful for my life itself. In the life, it has precious things of its own. So had I been in the same situation as Ben, I would have not killed Gary.
Whatever you have any name, the matter is little of importance. Most importantly, we have to put which meanings in our lives. And then, we will be memories. Even if we are so simple, we have only to thank to them. New things are not able to be beyond memory. Our name can be changed, however, the memory cannot disappear.
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