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[Letter] The Way to Get Over COVID-19
When I first read the 359th issue of the Tribune, I was completely absorbed by it and I could not notice that time had passed by so quickly.
신혜인 독자평가위원   2020-11-20
[Letter] Trendy Magazine, Tribune
After I read the 359th issue of the Tribune, I realized that this magazine reflected trends well. Especially, I could feel that when I read
한유정 독자평가위원   2020-11-20
[Letter] First Experience With Tribune
Due to the coronavirus situation, I have been depressed lately. I think many people will understand my inner state of mind for now as sittin
Egamberdieva Diyora 독자평가위원   2020-11-20
[Letter] Though Informative, Lacking Entertaining Contents
The 2017 Chonnam Tribune Assessment Committee (CTAC) had their last meeting of the year to share opinions about the September issue. The mee
이소이 기자   2017-11-21
[Letter] Tribune Talk!
The Chonnam Tribune started this new page “Tribune Talk” to communicate with our readers. Here are some messages from them. – Ed.
Chonnam Tribune   2015-05-11
[Letter] Tribune Talk!
The Chonnam Tribune started this new page “Tribune Talk” to communicate with our readers. Here are some messages from them. – Ed.
Chonnam Tribune   2015-03-10
[Letter] Well-constructed But Some Improvements Needed
I think the Chonnam Tribune has a strong point that it is the only English magazine at Chonnam National University and provides a variety of
서영은 영어영문학과 1학년   2014-11-26
[Letter] It Has a Limited Circulation
Actually, I am not a devoted reader of this magazine because I do not speak English very well. Most students think that reading an English m
노진현 윤리교육과 2학년   2014-09-30
[Letter] It Made Me Think about the Role of the State Authority
I am so glad to have a chance to write down my opinion about the Chonnam Tribune. I have been subscribing to the magazine for this summer va
김은애 경영학부 3학년   2014-09-30
[Letter] Ways to Attract Readers
After I read the previous issue, I came to think of the role of a collegiate newspaper. I have been aware of the Chonnam Tribune for a long
박혜은 간호학과 3학년   2014-03-27
[Letter] Suggestions to Make the Tribune Better
I think the Chonnam Tribune covers various topics from a big event held in school to a special happening around the campus. Among many artic
윤예지 영어영문학과 3학년   2014-03-27
[Letter] To Be the Number One English Newspaper
In the previous issue, the Chonnam Tribune reported the escalating difficulties of finding a job and the history textbook controversy. I fou
박영훈 독자평가위원   2013-12-09
[Letter] What Is the Role of the One and Only English Newspaper of CNU?
From the time I started to read the school newspaper, Chonnam Tribune, it has been very helpful as the fastest way to get the newest informa
김진아 독자평가위원   2013-11-15
[Letter] Bridge Building between Students
As the new semester started, the Chonnam Tribune tried many changes in aspects of composition and design. I recognized a lot of efforts to d
이진숙 독자평가위원   2013-10-04
[Letter] New Start of the Chonnam Tribune
Dear CNUians! I am Pyun Ja-seong and it is a great honor for me to be appointed as the 55th Head Student Editor of the Chonnam Tribune. At t
편자성 기자   2013-07-01
[Letter] On Leadership
I did a personal debriefing of the three-and-a-half-years term I spent with the Tribune, distinguishing the issues that I have faced and the
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2013-07-01
[Letter] Cultural Differences Can Open Up to New Experiences
Reading the Chonnam Tribune has allowed me to gain insights of other cultures. I have found that instead of just immersing oneself to one's
Nur Assyakinah Binti Salim   2013-06-03
[Letter] Hoping for Better Newspaper
When the first the Chonnam Tribune Assessment Committee meeting was held, we shared ideas and views on how to make the newspaper the better
김진아 학생   2013-05-22
[Letter] English Is Not a Barrier for Tribune!
English Is Not a Barrier for Tribune! By Kim Hae-young, Senior, School of New Materials Engineering As I read the recent issues of the Chon
김해영 신소재공학부 4학년   2013-03-11
[Letter] Good for You and Me, Tribune!
Good for You and Me, Tribune! By Lee Gyoung-won, Junior, School of Economics It is a great honor to have an opportunity to write down my th
이경원 독자   2012-12-19
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