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[Spotlight] Opinions: Mega Sporting Events During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Last month, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics were held one year late because of the COVID-19 situation. It provided enjoyment and hop
조예린 기자   2021-09-10
[Spotlight] Change in the Definition of Family
Modern society is changing at high speed. New ideals come as a new generation comes. One of these changing ideals is the definition of famil
한승환 기자   2021-03-19
[Spotlight] Australia’s Wildfires and Climate Change
Over the past few months, wildfires have been raging across Australia. Millions of hectares of forestry have been burned to the ground, and
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자   2020-04-03
[Spotlight] Waste Sorting Required to Make a ‘Green’ Campus
Chonnam National University (CNU) has organized various programs related to becoming a green campus, aiming to raise awareness among its mem
박민지 수습기자   2019-11-15
[Spotlight] North and South Korea Is on the Threshold of Unification
The Chonnam Tribune asked domestic and foreign students about sanctions on North Korea, the possibility of unification of the Korean Peninsu
Khamdamova Nigina 기자   2018-11-16
[Spotlight] The 4th Industrial Revolution and IoT AI Interdisciplinary Major
The Interdisciplinary Major is an undergraduate degree program that combines or integrates two or more degree courses that may be establishe
김수형 전자컴퓨터공학부 교수   2018-03-13
[Spotlight] One Blended Language Smoothie, Please!
Over the past decades, the usage of foreign languages in any culture has exponentially increased and has created new cultures that continue
Alvina Joanna, 객원기자   2017-11-10
[Spotlight] The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Higher Education
You may have heard it said that we are standing in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The term, ‘Industrial Revolution’, began t
김은희 경영학과 교수   2017-09-07
[Spotlight] Liberal Arts for Scientists, Science as a Liberal Art
When asked to write an article about liberal education, I found myself laughing inside. Wasn’t I the person who is most ignorant and indiffe
황인각 물리학과 교수   2016-09-19
[Spotlight] What Should Humanities Courses in Social Sciences Teach?
“Why are you sitting here?” is the first question I ask to some unfortunate students sitting in the front at the first day of my Introductio
황석현 심리학과 교수   2016-05-16
[Spotlight] Korea Moving forward to Mature Welfare State?
Korean Welfare State since the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 Korea's welfare system has developed in earnest since the 1980s. In the late 1
김인춘 연세대학교 연구교수   2015-11-13
[Spotlight] Child Welfare and Public Childcare Policy
Child welfare is defined as economic, social and emotional support to create basic conditions that permit children to lead a happy life and
이주연 생활환경복지학과 교수   2015-09-07
[Spotlight] Is Korea Ready for an “Aging Society?”
Korea’s population is aging at the fastest pace among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. Koreans ag
심미승 행정학과 교수   2015-05-14
[Spotlight] Condition of Happiness: “Welfare State”
What are the necessary conditions of your happiness in your life? How many Korean people think that they are now living in a happy society?
Hwang Jeong-ha 생활환경복지학과 교수   2015-03-09
[Spotlight] The 10 Years Old Employment Permit System in Korea: Problems and Prospects
Having received migrant workers for two decades, Korea has become one of the top destination countries in Asia. About half of the registered
신지원 사회학과 교수   2014-11-18
[Spotlight] State Violence, Not a Story from a Land far away but a Story of You and I...
The entire country is in deep sorrow today for the victims of the sunken ship Sewol, which sunk on April 16th, 2014. Many were first shock b
강은지, 국제민주연대 코디네이터   2014-05-15
[Spotlight] Are You Proud of Naked Society?
Korea is well-known as a broadband champion in the world. Up to now, definitely, we deserve to be called “lucky guys” at least in broadband
전응휘 오픈넷 상임이사   2014-03-11
[Spotlight] History Education and School Textbooks in 21st-Century South Korea
History, history education, and the school textbooks are indispensable to the constructions of human’s and their society’s identities. Histo
임종명 사학과 교수   2013-11-12
[Spotlight] Nuclear Energy Based on Mutual Agreements of the Community
There is no perfect energy source in the world. Each one has its own pros and cons involved. Currently nuclear energy is one of hot issues i
주경광 물리학과 교수   2013-10-04
[Spotlight] Global Event, Local Development?
In the era of globalization, we are witnessing many cities, regions and countries, which intensively compete for attracting diverse investme
박경환 지리교육과 교수   2013-09-09
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