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[Campus News] Opening Ceremony of College of AI Convergence Held [새창] 이윤주 기자 2019-12-05
[Campus News] CNU Throws Farewell Party for Exchange Students [새창] Von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 수습기자 2019-12-04
[Gallery] CNU to Build CNU Democracy Trail [새창] 이소현 기자 / 박민지 기자 2019-12-04
[Campus News] CNU Hosts 2019 Tech Fair [새창] 김혜인 수습기자 2019-11-22
[Gallery] 2020 Student Council Elections Took Place [새창] 조예린 기자 / 박민지 기자 2019-11-20
[Gallery] International Day Events [새창] 이은지 기자 2019-11-19
[News Focus] Waste Sorting Required to Make a Green Campus [새창] 조예린 기자 2019-11-18
[Campus News] CNU LINC+ Operates Media Camp for Local Students [새창] 이소현 기자 2019-11-15
[Campus News] International Day Brings Students From Around the World Together [새창] 이은지 기자 2019-11-15
[Campus News] Yeosu Industry-University Convergence Campus Opens [새창] 이윤주 기자 2019-11-15
[Campus News] CNU Festa Gets Favorable Response [새창] 조예린 수습기자 2019-11-15
[Campus News] Jung Hye-shin Speaks About Sympathy at ‘One Book Talk Concert’ [새창] 김은진 기자 2019-11-15
[Campus News] 2019 English Essay Contest Successfully Completed [새창] 이윤주 기자 2019-11-13
[Gallery] Library's Book Exhibition [새창] 이윤주 기자 2019-10-10
[Campus News] Residence Hall Festival 'New-Bandi's Adventure' Held [새창] 이윤주 기자 2019-09-28
[Gallery] Jung Hye-shin Speaks About Sympathy at ‘One Book Talk Concert’ [새창] 김은진 기자 2019-09-27
[Gallery] CNU Festa Gets Favorable Responses [새창] 조예린 기자 2019-09-27
[Gallery] CNU's Chuseok Event [새창] 이소현 기자 2019-09-18
[Campus News] International Students Enjoy Chuseok Event on Campus [새창] 이소현 기자 2019-09-17
[Campus News] 2019 Fall Club Fair Completed [새창] 박민지 기자 / 이윤주 기자 2019-09-11
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