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[Campus News] CNU Forms Alliance to Protest Myanmar’s Military Government [새창] Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자 2021-04-16
[Campus News] 2021 GSC By-Election Campaign Underway [새창] 백두진 기자 2021-04-16
[Gallery] Jeongbomaru on April 8 [새창] 박민지 기자 2021-04-08
[Gallery] #Save Myanmar [새창] 박민지 기자 2021-04-02
[Gallery] Red Apricot Flowers [새창] 박민지 기자 2021-03-19
[News Focus] The Crisis in Student Self-Government [새창] 백두진 기자 2021-03-19
[Campus News] CNU Opens New Campus Facilities [새창] 박민지 기자 2021-03-19
[Campus News] CNU Offers Online Counseling for Internationals in Buk-gu [새창] Em Milana 기자 2021-03-15
[Campus News] CNU Holds Virtual Matriculation Ceremony [새창] 마준희 기자 2021-03-15
[Campus News] CNU Holds the 69th Contactless Graduation Ceremony [새창] 조범서 기자 2021-03-15
[Campus News] Extraordinary Student Representative Meeting Held on Monday, Tuesday [새창] 한승환 기자 2021-02-18
[Campus News] Yongbong-gwan Designated as a National Cultural Heritage [새창] 조예린 기자 2021-02-15
[Campus News] Inauguration Ceremony for CNU’s 21st President Held Online [새창] Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자 2021-02-08
[Campus News] Jung Sungtaek Inaugurated as CNU’s 21st President [새창] 박민지 기자 2021-01-29
[Campus News] CNU Hosts Global Food Street Online [새창] 조예린 기자 2020-12-14
[Campus News] 2021 GSC Election Results: President and Vice President Elected [새창] 한승환 기자 2020-12-04
[Campus News] 2021 GSC Election to Be Held on December 2 [새창] 김은진 기자 2020-11-20
[News Focus] Course Registration Is for Whom? [새창] 한승환 기자 2020-11-20
[Campus News] Candidates for the 21st President of CNU Declared [새창] 박민지 기자 2020-11-19
[Campus News] CNU Hosts Multicultural Day Event [새창] 마준희 기자 2020-11-19
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