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[Column] When You Feel Something for Someone
The newly coined terms such as ‘having Some’ or ‘want to have Some’ are popular these days. ‘You are like mine although you are not mine as
양동옥, 심리학과 시간강사   2014-09-16
[Howdy] We Have to Seek Efficient Ways to Embrace Foreign Students
The number of international students who want to study in Korea has risen. To attract them to Korean universities, the Korean Government has
고지현 기자   2014-09-15
[Column] Learn From Pope Francis
On August 14th, Pope Francis visited Korea and the whole country gave him an enthusiastic welcome. He comforted South Korea's wounded heart
김해인 기자   2014-09-15
[Reader's Contribution] Working Holiday in Australia
[Reader's Contribution] Written by the same force which a brother like this article. Post writing is also not for anyone, not even to write
한두섭 식품공학과 08학번   2014-08-21
[Column] Getting in Love with Korea: A Journey to the Land of the Morning Calm
Staying within Philippine borders for the past 18 years, I never really appreciated things like world peace, cross-cultures and language bar
Mendoza Junn Berli 필리핀 교환학생   2014-06-25
[Howdy] How to Plan Your Summer Vacation?
The Chonnam Tribune interviewed four students about their special plans for this summer vacation and introduces their plans including specif
오희수 기자   2014-06-24
[Spotlight] State Violence, Not a Story from a Land far away but a Story of You and I...
The entire country is in deep sorrow today for the victims of the sunken ship Sewol, which sunk on April 16th, 2014. Many were first shock b
강은지, 국제민주연대 코디네이터   2014-05-15
[Opinion] Lithuania Pays Close Attention to Ukraine Turmoil
There is an affair which holds the spotlight in the world nowadays. It is Ukrainian Turmoil that has been broadcast repeatedly. Dalia Grybau
오은지 해외통신원   2014-04-30
[Column] Is the Sexy War for Whom?
When we watch some TV music shows from major networks, the attire of women singers makes us feel uncomfortable. The stimulating and lewd clo
박은지 경영학부 3학년   2014-03-27
[Perspective] Samsung Should Have Been Careful
A new Samsung recruiting method was finally shut downed last January, due to the objection of public opinion. Samsung is not just one compan
윤수홍 객원기자   2014-03-27
[Perspective] A Reminder of the Original Purpose of Local Elections
Every local election plays an important role in evaluating the current regime. Park Geun-hye’s government and the ruling Saenuri Party pay p
기병수 영어영문학과 4학년   2014-03-27
[Column] A New Version of Health Care Reform in South Korea?
Park Geun-hye’s Administration threw a bomb at the Healthcare System. Health insurance in South Korea has been threatened with the governmen
김대환 객원기자   2014-03-27
[Letter] Ways to Attract Readers
After I read the previous issue, I came to think of the role of a collegiate newspaper. I have been aware of the Chonnam Tribune for a long
박혜은 간호학과 3학년   2014-03-27
[Letter] Suggestions to Make the Tribune Better
I think the Chonnam Tribune covers various topics from a big event held in school to a special happening around the campus. Among many artic
윤예지 영어영문학과 3학년   2014-03-27
[Howdy] What Do You Most Want to Do?
The Chonnam Tribune interviewed three freshmen about their expectations of campus life in order to know what they would like to do during th
이다혜   2014-03-27
[Column] No More of the "We Are Not Fine" Phenomenon in Korea?
"How are you?" "We are not fine, and you?" All through the winter, the '"We Are Not Fine" Poster Phenomenon' was a hot issue in Korea. This
편자성 기자   2014-03-12
[Column] ‘Love, Travel, Goals for life’
The cold weather of winter gave way to the warmer spring. But nothing makes me feel like I do when March, and the beginning of a new semeste
한 선 5·18연구소 연구교수   2014-03-12
[Spotlight] Are You Proud of Naked Society?
Korea is well-known as a broadband champion in the world. Up to now, definitely, we deserve to be called “lucky guys” at least in broadband
전응휘 오픈넷 상임이사   2014-03-11
[Column] You Are the One Who Resists Change
"I am not interested in an election. There is not much difference whether I vote or not." There has been an election on the 2014 Chonnam Nat
편자성 기자   2013-12-09
[Letter] To Be the Number One English Newspaper
In the previous issue, the Chonnam Tribune reported the escalating difficulties of finding a job and the history textbook controversy. I fou
박영훈 독자평가위원   2013-12-09
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