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[Cover Story] Podcast: New Guardian of Our Society
Podcasting has recently gained morepopularity than other media in Korea. The number of podcast users has been growing steadily for several y
편자성 기자   2012-04-10
[People] "CNU Is a School of Love and Success!"
The second student that I Interviewed is one of our graduate students, Thanh Mai Nguyen (Vietnam, Economics, Korean Government Scholarship A
이유림 객원기자   2012-04-06
[Special Report] David versus Goliath: Podcasts Rise as Alternative Media in South Korea
“Yes, I have heard of Naneun Ggomsuda or NaGgomSu. Yes, nowadays nobody can deny knowing about it. It’s just so hooking you cannot stop hear
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2012-04-06
[People] Make Your School Life a Land of Opportunity
Chonnam National University (CNU) is changing into a global university every day. More and more MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) contracts
이유림 객원기자   2012-03-07
[Special Report] What Makes Our Society Violent?
Apart from hitting, shooting, and stabbing, you can also kill someone with a word. Even small things can be violent to someone. Why is that
노연정 객원기자   2012-03-06
[Special Report] Media Violence: Are You Trying To Get Into Violence?
Nowadays lots of variety shows, such as The Infinite Challenge and One Day Two Nights, create situations which participants must perform tas
편자성 수습기자   2012-03-06
[Special Report] Violence: He that Will Steal an Egg Will Steal an Ox
Nowadays, the media is making noise about bullying in middle and high schools which could lead to students committing suicide. Bullying, a k
이지송 기자   2012-03-05
[Feature] Preparation Affects Process to Study Abroad in China
During last winter vacation, the CNU Press Center’s Overseas Cover Teams visited two Chinese and Japanese universities - Fudan University an
정현영 편집국장   2012-03-05
[Cover Story] Bullying: Exposure of Wrong Group Consciousness
Recently a shocking incident occurred. A middle-school girl killed herself because she could not endure being bullied anymore. This news has
김소정 기자   2012-03-05
[Special Report] New Year's Resolutions:Starting the Year Right
Everyone can say that 2011 had a longer whip than other years—the surprises, good or bad, turned out to reveal themselves in the last
Rigoberta Banta Jr. 기자   2012-01-09
[Cover Story] It is Time to Jump
This year is the 60th anniversary of Chonnam National University (CNU). CNU has organized a Preparatory Committee for the 60th Anniversary P
정현영 편집국장   2012-01-09
[Feature] [2011 English Essay Contest]Winners' Remarks
High School Division Writing on the Run By Choi Hye-ji, Second Grade, Gwangju Jungang Girls’ High School When I registered for the essay co
Chonnam Tribune   2011-12-14
[Feature] [2011 Englsih Essay Contest]Winner's Essay(High School Division)
It is widely agreed amongst educators that acquiring a language through exposure is far more efficient than studying it in rigid format. Now
Chonnam Tribune   2011-12-14
[Feature] [2011English Essay Contest]Winner’s Essay(University Division)
Will Economics Work for Education? By Lee Kyung-won, Sophomore, Dept. of Sport Science, Chosun University Recently, in Seoul National Unive
Chonnam Tribune   2011-12-14
[Feature] [2011English Essay Contest] Judges' Remarks
Judges’ Remarks on the 2011 English Essay Contest Heekyung Nah & Yoon-Hee Na, Department of English Language and Literature As judges of th
2011EEC심사위원   2011-12-14
[Feature] [2011 English Essay Contest]Winners' List
2011 English Essay Contest The Chonnam Tribune hosted the 2011 English Essay Contest over a period of four hours on November 12th, 2011. Th
Chonnam Tribune   2011-12-14
[Special Report] Dip in Love
Before the year closes, the Chonnam Tribune would like to recommend three books and movies just to warm your heart and make you think about
이유림 객원기자   2011-12-07
[Special Report] Special Campus Relations at CNU
* Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relation Here is an adorable couple who would never forget Chonnam National University (CNU) campus for each other. K
노연적 객원기자   2011-12-07
[Special Report] Are You Satisfied with Relationships on Campus?
Are You Satisfied with Your Relationships on Campus? By Han Su-yeon, Student Editor A 23-year-old female student had a boy friend for the f
한수연 기자   2011-12-07
[Cover Story] 1924 ShinNORI Generation Creates Purposeful and Intentional Relationships
1924 ShinNORI Generation Creates Purposeful and Intentional Relationshipsfor Themselves By Lee Ji-song, Tribune Reporter According to a res
이지송 기자   2011-12-07
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